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L-R~ Dean King & Terry Jett


In Memory of

Terry Lyndon Jett



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My Tribute To Terry

By Dean King

March 16, 2001


It was a sunny spring morning in 1994,

While drinking coffee at the local café,

That Terry and I were discussing in depth

Our "Things to Do" list for that day.

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The subject of leaning and broken tombstones

Somehow crept into our quiet conversation.

And that was the meager, but noble beginning

Of this area’s cemetery restoration.

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The Buckner Russell plot was first on our list.

We reset rocks weighing nearly a ton.

When finished we took a good look at our work

And agreed THIS hard labor was fun.

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Yes, there’s been adequate satisfaction and pride

To see hundreds of damaged headstones reset.

All because of old rundown graveyards,

And the concern of Terry Lyndon Jett.

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Now Terry has sold his last aluminum can

To help pay for materials and mowing.

‘Cause now he’s wearing a jeweled crown on his head

Where that River of Life keeps on flowing.

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