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A friend sent this picture to me. I do not know who put it together..Whoever you are God Bless you and God Bless the Families in the tradegy of the WTC

September 11, 2001


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This picture was sent to my son...

The Poem by MillyP



Foreign People have treaded on Me,

I shall rise from Sea to Sea.

I will Soar from the Sky,

For All the dead I will Cry.

My Talons will open with War in Mind,

These Foreign People I will Find.

They will pay for what they have Done,

The War will not be over till it is Won.

God Bless the Souls that were taken,

Their Families will not be Forsaken.

by MillyP

God Bless America....

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To view faces of people missing click on the hyperlink below



Faces of People no longer here,

Faces of People Someone held Dear.

Faces of People no one shall ever, again, see,

Faces of People lost in the Land of the Free.

Faces of People, God knows by name,

Faces of People left only in a picture frame.

Faces of People embedded in my mind,

Faces of People maybe no one will find.

by MillyP


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Are they shed for the victims, or those they left behind?
For the emergency workers, who struggle with what they find?
Are they shed for the children, as they try to understand?
Or for those trapped beneath the rubble,
where the Trade Center used to stand?

Are they shed for the passengers, or for the stewardesses and crew?
Or for a NATION that binds together, to do anything that they can do?
Are they shed for the media, that struggle with what to say?
Or for the medical teams, who give more hours than they have in a day?

Are they shed for our President, and political leaders that we see?
Or are they shed for our Veterans, that weep at the very memories?
Are they shed for the counselors, that only want to heal the pain, yet struggle with the turmoil, that stirs from within?

Are they shed for my Lord as he reaches out with Love,
to all those that suffer and look for answers from above?
Are they shed for the terrorists, that they were filled with such hate,
that they took innocent lives, and met their own fate?
Whose tears are these? They surely can't be mine,
for I know I will wake from this dream and WORLD PEACE and TRANQUILITY I will find.
by Cynthia Cottrell

Thank you, Cynthia,
for allowing me to post your beautiful,heartfelt words.

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Peace On Earth

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cCreated 9-13-2001

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