The Millie Foundation
Preventing Tragedy From Ehrlichiosis
Our beloved golden retriever Millie suddenly and unexpectedly died due to the tick-borne infection ehrlichiosis.  Known as the "AIDS of the Canine World," Ehrlichiosis attacks the dog's immune system for years before it presents itself in the chronic stage when the onset of symptoms is very sudden and severe.  If diagnosed, the dog can be treated with doxycyclin and fully recover.  Families and veterinarians should be informed about this deadly disease so that pet owners can have their dogs tested and so that veterinarians will recognize the symptoms.  Ehrlichiosis afflicts humans, horses, cats, and other animals as well. 
Dedicated to Millie Staple
March 15, 1994 - August 10, 2002
Millie's Book, Created When She Was Three Years Old (1997)
Ehrlichiosis Symptoms
Information About Ehrlichiosis
Millie Pictures: Scholarly Millie and Athletic Millie
Ehrlichiosis: Common Misdiagnoses
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