Baplie Viewer
Baplie Viewer
Current program version: 2.1.0. dated 28th Feb 2005
System requirement: any PC computer running Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP with minimum screen size 800 x 600
License: Baplie Viewer is freeware and may be freely used and distributed

What is BAPLIE?
BAPLIE is set of instructions stored in text file, used to transmit information about all occupied places on board of a vessel to interested parties like ship-owner and the terminal operator in next port of call. Although the message is also suitable to transmit information about empty places this feature is not used. The message can be transmitted to the vessel (i.e. via modem or by floppy disk) eliminating the use of the paper "master" plan.

Who controls BAPLIE instructions?
BAPLIE is designed by the SMDG (User group for Shipping Lines and Container terminals). Full name of the BAPLIE file is "UN/EDIFACT UNITED NATION STANDARD MESSAGE (UNSM) BAYPLAN/STOWAGEPLAN OCCUPIED AND EMPTY LOCATION MESSAGE" (BAPLIE).

To find more about EDIFACT BAPLIE file format go to : User group for Shipping lines and Container Terminals

What is Baplie viewer?                Click here to view selected screens shots
Baplie viewer is program that decodes and displays content of BAPLIE file. Baplie Viewer doesn't change or edit original source file. Baplie Viewer doesn't expect any input from user except path to BAPLIE file that is to be decoded. Baplie Viewer doesn't assume size of the vessel, number of hatches, bays, holds, etc... Baplie viewer can be used on any BAPLIE file.

Files decoded by program
  • BAPLIE versions 1.5, 2.07, 2.1, 3.0
  • Loadstar (Maersk Data) short format. For info about Loadstar program visit Maersk Data.
Files exported by program
  • CSV comma separated
  • TXT text files TAB delimited
  • DBF, dBase IV file
  • Microsoft Excel using preset template or to new worksheet
  • Clipboard copy of data
Reports generated
  • Container list, filtered and sorted
  • IMDG list; list of dangerous cargo, filtered by port of discharge or displayed as transit cargo
  • Reefer list; list of reefer containers; filtered by port of discharge and status (all, dry, live and empty reefer containers)
  • Cargo summary; summary of all cargo on board by port of discharge
  • Container data; selected container data from BAPLIE file
  • Break bulk; summary of all break bulk cargo from BAPLIE file
  • Suez canal report (cargo summary)
  • Stack weight summary separate for deck and hold; 20FT, 40FT or mixed stowage
  • OOG (Out of Gauge) containers summary with particular dimensions
  • Container remarks; Handling instructions, Special instructions, Container remark, Description of goods, General information's
Statistics created
  • General statistics; selection of different statistics per container type, operator, owner, etc...
  • Tonnage sheet; break down of cargo by units and weight, operator, owner, container size, load and discharge port
  • IMDG cargo summary; summary of dangerous cargo by class; port of discharge, container size, deck or hold
  • Container type summary; different container types filtered by line operator
  • Transversal weight distribution; weights and horizontal moments, calculation of cargo induced ship list
  • Load port summary by operator; break down of cargo on board by operator, loading and discharge port
Additional tools and options
  • Decode and display content of BAPLIE file header
  • Removal of line feeds and unprintable characters from BAPLIE file
  • Create query to extract data from file
  • BAPLIE file analysis; checking for different errors in BAPLIE file and/or stowage
  • Bay view; graphical display of cargo stowage with different coloring filters
  • Cargo plan; graphical display of cargo plan with different coloring filters
  • ISO container types decoder
  • ISO port codes; 8283 ports, automatically decoded for Baplie viewer, but can be used as separate routine
  • Container Id check digit calculation

Click here to see selected screen shots.

How to install program?
To download program or program component click on link below. Due to Geocities monthly download quota, program files are downloaded from my web address in Croatia, redirection is automatic.

Download program file 'BaplieVw.msi' and start, to install or update previous version.

Baplie Viewer - Download site 1
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Baplie Viewer - Download site 2
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By downloading program you are getting fully functional and very useful tool. You are welcome to insert your impressions in my guest book so I can inform you when new version will be available. If you have any problem using or installing software contact author on E-mail address [email protected].


  1. If you receive following error: "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows installer package." - most probably installer run-time files in your computer are out dated. Try downloading and install newer version of installer from
  2. If you are unable to download Baplie Viewer setup files due to exceeded monthly traffic quota the try this link here.


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