The Outer Space - Short Story

It has always been a wonder to me, if there is life on outer space. If so, and they are alien space beings; may be, they visit us on earth, to try to save us when we need it, and they can even give operations to heal us, the way they do it on their own terrestrial planet. And this type of operation is more advanced than, the way we use lasers for many operations on earth. They may visit us to study us or to find out how much we have evolved, or to learn from us as we live here, on earth as a living seed: as we sometimes may think of them as being space beings. Sometimes it's believed that ships vanish in to the Bermuda Triangle, or Planes vanish in the Devils Triangle and return at other places without the long travel, as if distance travel didn't exist, and some say there is extra terrestrial happenings there, or they go through earlier and later time periods when they are there, as if there is a unknown space doorway; somewhere out there, that was probably there for some reasons. There is a belief that alien space ships may land on earth somewhere and travel many fathoms below the ocean. Some believe that the pyramids were built, to guide space craft through space also; because, the way they are positioned and located on the dessert in geometric positions to planets, in space, and the pyramid structure is a superior structure, that lasted on earth, for centuries; and aliens use it to direct them, too and from our planet. So, in space there may possibly be a higher form of life, that's still is unknown to us on earth; still today. Possibly, if we learn how to and travel far out in the universe and live there, we might eventually soon evolve into a kind of space creature life form, and our technologies would also become different as we evolve. By Mike Moy - 2006
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