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Deleted Scenes
Below are three scenes (taken from the script) that were either filmed
and never made it to the big screen, or never filmed at all.
You can also see two pictures here from the corresponding scene.

Scene 1:
This scene takes place just before Tom first meets Mink in Leo's Club

    Tracking toward the front door as Tom enters. He puts his coat and hat on the check counter.

Tom: Hello, Beryl-

    An arm sweeps across frame to slap Tom hard.

Check Girl (off): Ain't you got a conscience?

    Tom stares dumbly.

    BERYL - She is a small woman in a French maid's uniform and a pillbox hat. She rocks her weight back onto one leg with her hands propped defiantly on her hips.

...It's a little voice inside that tells you when you been a heel!
Tom: What'd I do?
Beryl: Stood me up is all! Made me wait an hour and a half is all! Or maybe you don't remember sayin' you'd pick me up after work last night. I seen heels in my time, sure, plenty of 'em! But none so low as couldn't tell me to my face when they was sick of me!

    She throws a check number at him.

...You know where you can stick it!

Scene 2:
This next scene, I believe - from the corresponding photos, was actually filmed but cut from the final reel of the film.
It takes place just before The Dane breaks into Verna's apartment.

    A hand swings through frame to smash a gun butt into a surprised face.
    With a loud crash the surprised man stumbles back into a table and flogs to the floor. He is round, aproned, middle-aged. Coat-skirted legs approach and start kicking at him.
    The prostrate man rolls across the floor, trying to shield himself from the blows.

Close Voice: C'mon, get up. I just wanna talk.
Far Voice: Yeah, get up. He ain't gonna hurt ya.
Round Man:He already hurt me! He broke my goddamn nose!

    ROOSTER - the man standing over him, has a long scar across his neck and a rasping voice:

Rooster: So what? I had my nose broke once.
Round Man: I already paid Leo's men!
    BERT - another enforcer, is down at the end of the bar with Tom.

Bert: You still pay Leo for protection? Is he protectin' you?
    Rooster kicks at the little round man:

Rooster: We's protectin' you. Johnny Caspar's runnin' things or maybe you ain't heard.
    Bert and Tom talk in the foreground as, in the background, Rooster continues to hector and kick at the round man.

Tom: So, the Dane hasn't got a line on Leo yet?
Bert: Not that I know about. He's been lookin', but I guess Leo's been movin' around and - hoist this over the bar, will ya? - things've been kinda hectic.

    He is handing Tom a briefcase. Tom leans over the bar to drop it behind.

Tom: Do me a favor - let me know if he finds anything.

    Bert pours himself a drink.

Bert: Yeah, okay.

    Rooster, drawing his guns, calls from the back of the bar:

Rooster: I'm gonna put this one to sleep, wuddya think, Bert?

    Bert shrugs into his overcoat.

Bert: Yeah, okay.
Tom: If you kill him, he won't be able to think things over.
Rooster: He don't seem like such a hot thinker.
Tom: You'll think about what you've learned here, won't you Louie?
Round Man: You bet, Tom, I'll think plenty!

    Bert shrugs clemency.

Bert: Ah, what the hell...

    The round man scrambles to his feet and runs out the back door. Rooster puts away his gun and saunters over to Tom and Bert.
    The three men head for the front door:

...If we can't trust a dago, the whole thing's hopeless anyway.


    The three men emerge in to the afternoon sun.

Tom: So, we winning?

    Bert gives a noncommittal shrug.

Bert: It's tough. Leo's still got some teeth left. His men bushwhacked Tony Campisi last night, slit his t'roat.
Rooster: Yeah? He die?
Bert: I said, they slit this t'roat.
Rooster: So what, genius? I had my t'roat slit.
Bert: Sure, Rooster, but normal people's brains need oxygen.
deleted scene picture

    BOOM! - behind the three men the front of the speakeasy blows - glass flying, flames licking out.
    Though there is commotion among the passers-by, Tom, Bert, and Rooster don't even turn to look.

Get the car, will ya Rooster?

    Rooster trots out into the street.

Tom: Don't tell the Dane I was asking about him.
Bert: Yeah, yeah.

    There is a faint but distinct popping sound.
    Tom looks into the street.
    Rooster is staggering around as if drunk. He turns to face Tom and Bert. He lurches toward them. A red stain is blossoming on his chest.
    The ambient hubbub fades to silence; we hear only the crisp staggering scuffle of Rooster's shoes as he stumbles into the foreground, looking stunned.
    He drops.
    A woman screams.
    Noise wells up.
    deleted scene picture Bert is unholstering his gun, looking up.
    Tom looks where Bert is looking.

    A man with a distinctive shock of white hair - Dead Terry McGill - puts up his gun and starts running along the roof.

    Starts running along the street to keep pace, firing up at the facing roof.

    Siren wailing, up on two wheels as it takes a speeding turn onto the street.
    It is hurtling toward Bert.

    Running, pointing up, and bellowing at the oncoming car:

Bert: Leo's man! Up there!

    Cops with guns hang out every window. They start firing.

    Running, pointing.

Bert: ...Up there! Leo's-

    Police bullets cut him to pieces. He hits the road, a limp rag.
    The police car squeals to a halt in front of his corpse. A sergeant and his men tumble out.
    Tom is sauntering over, smoking a cigarette.

Sergeant: 'Lo, Tom. Chalk one up for the good guys, huh?
Tom: Caspar'll be thrilled. You just shot one of his apes.
Sergeant: Balls! That's Two-Toe Jackson!

    Tom's attention is drawn by something down the street.

    About a block away, a man with white hair is crossing the street.

Sergeant (off): I'm tellin' you that's Two-Toe Jackson! He's Leo's!

    As he leaves.

Tom: It's Bert Sachetti, Caspar's bang-man.

    The sergeant bellows at another cop:

Sergeant: Take his shoes off! Count his goddamn toes!

    Dead Terry McGill sits at a stool looking angrily down at a cup of coffee. Tom enters to sit next to him.
    Through the windows behind them we see people running back and forth on the street, fire engine racing past - furious activity, its noise muted inside the diner.

Tom: 'Lo, Terry. You weren't aiming at me, were you?

    Without looking up.

Terry: In the first place, I don't know what you're talking about. In the second place, if I had been aiming at you I'd've hit you. In the third place, I don't know what you're talking about in the first place.

    He tosses some coins onto the counter and gets up. We hold on Tom as Terry talks to Tom's back:

...I'd like to have, believe me. Leo won't let me - yet. But I'll bring him around.

    He puts a hand on Tom's shoulder and swivels him around. Terry clenches a fist and draws it back to throw a punch.
    Tom and Terry look at each other, Tom making no more to defend himself.
    After a long beat, Terry unclenches his fist and sneers:

...I won't give you the satisfaction.

Scene 3:
This last deleted scene takes place at Leo's club, right before Bernie's funeral.

    Pulling Tom as he walks across the gambling floor, drink still in hand. Behind him we can see workmen busily repairing the damage done to the club in the police raid.
    Halfway across the floor Tom stiffens and slows, seeing something.
    Verna is entering the club.
    The two meet.

Tom: 'Lo, Verna.
Verna: 'Lo, Tom. See Leo?

    They both lean against a countertop and look out at the floor.

Tom: He was busy
Verna: You should see him. He has something to tell you.
Tom: Maybe I'll run into him.
Verna: Bernie's funeral is tomorrow. You could stop by.
Tom: Maybe
Verna: ...Leo has something to tell you.
Tom: So you said.

    There is a silent beat. Verna scowls.

Verna: ...Tell me something, Tom. Why didn't you tell me what was going on? I thought he was dead, and you never-
Tom: There was no point in telling you. It could only have queered things if it had gotten out-
Verna: Jesus, Tom! You don't just talk to people for the play it gives you or doesn't give you! I suffered, you no-heart son of a bitch!

    Tom lets this drift.
    Verna tries to compose herself.

...I'm sorry. It's just that things might've been different. With us. If I'd known that you hadn't...done anything to him...
Tom: You know now.

    Verna looks at him.

Verna: What happened last night?

    Tom looks at her evenly.

Tom: I went to a bar. Passed out. When I got back to my place they were both dead.

    Verna studies him.

Verna: ...Passed out, huh?
Tom: Yeah

    She looks at him a beat longer, then out at the floor.

Verna: It's funny, I've never even seen you sleep - though you told me once about a dream you had.
Tom: Maybe I lied.

    WHAP! Verna slaps him hard. His head rocks under the blow.

Verna: You've never been straight with me about anything! You are a sonofabitch!

    Tom watches her go.
    He raises the drink and rolls it across his slapped cheek.
    The ice cubes clink.

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