This is a proposed alphabet that is meant to be used for writing of Chickasaw. It is now in a very early stage of development, so some changes may occur to it in the future as the creator see fit. For any questions please use the email link below.

The Chickasaw alternative orthography

Devised by: Michael Fustumum (michaelpeterfustumum(at)


Proposed letter

Current letter



A a

A a


2 Ā ā Aa aa [aː]
3 Ã ã A_ a_ [ãː]
4 B b B b [b]

C c

Ch ch


6 D d D d [d]
7 F f F f [f]
8 G g G g [g]
9 H h H h [h]
10 I i I i [i]
11 Ī ī Ii ii [iː]
12 Ĩ ĩ I_ i_ [ĩː]

K k

K k


14 L l L l [l]
15 Ł ł Lh lh [ɬ]
16 M m M m [m]
17 N n N n [n]

O o

O o



Ō ō

Oo oo


20 Õ õ O_ o_ [õː]
21 P p P p [p]

S s

S s



T t

T t


24 W w W w [w]
25 X x Sh sh [ʃ]
26 Y y Y y [j]
27 ʔ ʔ [ʔ]
There would not be letters d, e, g, j, q, r, u, v, z, which would be only used in loanwords or replaced by t, i, k, c, k, l, o, f, s, respectively.
Stress vowels are marked by an acute accent (á).

Text example
First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Himmakaʔ nittakōkano hattak yokaxt toksalicaʔnikat kiʔyo. Hattak mõ´makat ittíllawwi bíyyi'kaca nanna mõ´makã ittibācaffa'hitok.