Mililani High School Track & Cross Country
Athletes competing in college

Updated May 23,2002

*Some of these pages are still under construction.

Cross Country

Jodi Enomoto- University of Hawaii

Monique Mata- Chaminade University

Andrew Kamikawa- Chaminade University

Elizabeth Texeira- Chaminade University

Matt Morden- Brigham Young University of Hawaii

Tim Marr- Chaminade University, UH - Hilo

Jess Matsuda- Chaminade University

Robby Philipp- San Jose State University

Mark Bridenstine- Gonzaga University

Shawn Gallup- University of West Florida

Jason Noriega- Chaminade & Hawaii Pacific University

Marc Nakamoto- Santa Clara University

Diana Ota- Brigham Young University of Hawaii


Vera Simms- University of Michigan

Kali French- Missouri Valley College

Michelle Murphy- University of Portland

Suzanne Burns- Azusa Pacific University

Jeff Kaku- Brigham Young University

Doug Alfar- U.S. Air Force Academy

Leila Hammonds- Cal. State University - Stanislaus

Tina Walker- Johns Hopkins University


Malia Beter- University of Hawaii

Taryn Murata- University of Hawaii

Jaime Morgan- University of Hawaii

Jennifer Asano- University of Hawaii

Brandy McKeague- University of Hawaii

Dana Dysdasco- Cal. State University - Sacramento

Kara "Skittles" Narimitsu- Cal. State University - Sacramento

Jackie Pang- Northern Colorado University

Megan Inouye- Northern Colorado University

Jan Yomogida- Northern Colorado University

Kyle Fukuchi- University of Washington


Erin Hoe- University of Washington


Marie Jackson- University of Hawaii

Heather Williams- University of Hawaii

Shanelle Yamane- Chaminade University

Juanita Vega - Brigham Young University of Hawaii

Diana Ota- Brigham Young University of Hawaii


Katie Haley- DePauw University

Kyle Nakamoto- Santa Clara University


Brian Daniels- University of Hawaii

James Fenderson- University of Hawaii

Maa Tanuvasa- University of Hawaii

Shane Alfar- U.S. Air Force Academy

Paxton Lepage- Iowa Wesleyan University

Links to Colleges

Listing of Colleges & Universities

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California State University, Sacramento - Sports Page

California State University, Stanislaus - Track Page

Gonzaga University - Cross Country Page

Brigham Young University - Sports Page

U.S. Air Force Academy - Sports Page

Northern Colorado University - Sports Page

University of Washington - Sports Page

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