2/LT Lennock De Graaf Godet
  2/LT Lennock De Graaf Godet was a young Bermudian aviator, killed-in-action during the Great War. He was a childhood friend of Major Cecil Montgomery-Moore, DFC, whose own military career would include Great War service as an RFC/RAF pilot.
Major Charles G.G Gilbert, MC, before him, Lennock Godet had atended public school in England on the Bermuda Scholarship ( an award meant to prepare a student for the Rhodes Scholarship,) and the Rhodes Scholarship for Bermuda. He was still at the Rossall School when he applied for a commission into the Royal Flying Corps in 1916.
   Again as with Major Gilbert, , he was an undergraduate at Oxford when he began his flight training.
   Posted to France, he saw much action, taking part in 16 'long-distance raids'. On the 1st. June, 1918, however (first reported as the 31st May,) while serving with 55 Squadron, RAF*, his machine was seen to fall in flames from a height of about 1,400 feet above the German Lines. He was believed to have died instantly. He was then 21 years of age.
   His father was able to solicit further details from the Royal Prussian War Office, through Count Conrad Zeppelin, who was an aquaintance of a friend living in Switzerland. The (Prussian) War Office reported that 2 LT Godet's aeroplane had fallen in flames on the 1st June, 1918, and that he had been buried on the border of the Forest near Nidingen, north of Metz. Nothing further was known.

* The Army's Royal Flying Corps (RFC) was merged, on 1st April, 1918, with the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) to create a new service, the Royal Air Force (RAF).
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