Mr. Williams

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My name is John Williams.  I teach math for grades 4 to 6 at a local private church school.  As such, I have a total of 39 students, ranging from 9 to 13 years old, about an equal amount of boys and girls.  Our school believes in, and advocates the use of corporal punishment, when and if needed.  Parents are required to sign a C.P. authorization form, before any student is admitted.  As one of only 3 male teachers, it seems that a lot of discipline of the kids has come to me.  Our Headmistress keeps a paddle on the wall of her office, and will use it when needed, but she much prefers to have us teachers do any C.P. that is needed.

So- I have developed my own ways of enforcing discipline in my classrooms. All of the kids either know about it from personal experience, or learn about it from others.  Whenever a kid does something that I believe requires correction, I ask the child to please report to me after school. Punishments take place in a small cloak room which is across the hall from my classroom.  The room is empty except for an armless oak chair.  There is a small cupboard built into the wall, and I keep in it the "tools of my trade".

A child to be punished knows that he/she will receive one smack for each year of their age.

These smacks will be applied to their bottoms.

A first visit rates an over the lap spanking, over their skirt or shorts (We are a Southern school, and do require uniforms.)  A second offense merits a similar hand spanking given over the seat of their underwear.  A third time rates a bare bottom spanking. The fourth time a child comes to me, he/she will receive a similar set of 3 punishments, except it will be with a wooden hairbrush.  Then next series will be with a paddle, and the last series with a cane.  While I have had students earn more than one "demerit", and thus more than one spanking in a day, I have never had any student earn C.P. after a bare bottom caning!

Frankly, I don't know what I would do if such a situation came up.  Probably give the cane, then have them get dressed, and climb over my knee to start all over again.

I usually lay off of the demerits during the first week of school. It allows the kids time to settle down.  From the second week on, however, it is business as usual.  We are currently into our 7th week, and I have 3 kids coming in after school tonite.  The first is Aril Schalling, a 6th grader, who is one of the worst trouble makers in the school.  She is coming in with 2 demerits for talking in class.  This will be her 5th and 6th visits this year.  Next, is Bradley Smith, a 10 year old 4th grader, who has forgotten his homework for the 3rd time this year, thus, his 3rd visit.  Finally, we have Drew Peterson, a short little blonde girl who has never been in trouble since joining the school this year.  Her big mistake was sitting next to Ms. Schalling, and talking with her two times!

As the last bell rings, excited students all rush for the doors, and I walk slowly back to my room.  There are my three students, all sitting at desks. I re-explain to them why they are here, and ask if they have any questions about the punishments they are to receive.  They all shake their heads "no". I ask April to follow me across the hall, and remind the others that they are to remain silent until I come for them.  April and I take the few steps to the cloakroom.  I am reminded of the movie "Dead Man Walking", as I look at her back as she walks in front of me.

Her head is hung low, and she walks slowly.  I open the door, and close and lock it.  I review why she is being spanked, and ask her again if she has any questions.  She says no.

I advise her that she will receive a #5, followed by a #6.  She has nothing to say, and simply keeps her eyes down.  I tell her to remove her skirt, and hang it on a coathook.

There is a small sigh from her, as she slowly works the clasp at the side of the skirt.  After undoing a side button and zipper, if falls of its own weight to the floor.  She reaches down, grabs one side of it, and steps out of it.  As she walks to the coathook, I again observe her rather full 13 year old bottom encased in a pair of plain white cotton panties.  She turns and comes back to me.  I reach into the cabinet and take out the hairbrush. Sitting, I look at her.  Her lower lip is trembling, but otherwise she has not shown any emotion.  I know that she knows what to do, so I simply raise my hands in the air.  This gives her enough room to place herself over my lap.  I move her forward a bit, and pull her blouse half way up her back.

Her bottom is full, and fills her panties to an almost breaking point. Without any further ado, I bring down the first smack onto her right cheek. I hear her let out a breath, and quickly follow with 5 more smacks on her right cheek, going from the top to the bottom of her bottom.  By the time I have given her the 6 smacks, I can hear her soft whines, and can see some color through her cotton panties. I work on her left cheek next, starting at the bottom and working up, for 6 more.  She is now sobbing and crying at every smack.  I lift up gently on my right leg, and hit her "low and inside", as they say in baseball.  I aim for the junction of buttock and thigh.  This causes an immediate jerking reaction followed by a yelp.  I allow her to lay over my lap for a minute to compose herself, and then tell her to get up.  She stands in front of me, with tears running down her face rubbing her butt like there is no tomorrow.  I have her go stand in the corner of the room, and tell her I will finish with her after the next kids. I know she has mixed emotions about that, as the next student is a boy, and she is standing in a corner in her panties.  I have long ago decided that I don't care about their embarassment, that it is their own fault that they are there in the first place.  Also, the student being punished next will know that another student is hearing his/her punishment.

I step back across the hall, and little Bradley stands up when I motion for him.  This is his 3rd punishment, and he knows the rules. He tells me he has no excuses, and walks to the wall where he unfastens, and steps out of his shorts.  Then, he removes his jockey shorts, and steps out of them.  I notice that he is staring at April while he is doing this, and when he turns to me, his hairless little penis is stiff as a board!  I pull him over my lap, and smack him a good hard one.  I'll teach him to stare at little girls, I think, as I haul off for number two.  Bradley is crying now, and shrieks with every smack.  One advantage of a bare bottom is that you can see where you have hit, and what color the bottom is becoming.  I give two more smacks over both cheeks, and Bradley throws his hand back to cover his butt, and starts to kick his legs.  I have a response for this.  I quickly grab his arm, and stand him up, then quickly pull him down over my left leg, and clamp his legs with my right leg.  In doing so, he is now "bottoms up" over my leg, with his head next to my feet.  The increased angle seperates his butt cheeks and increases the target area.  I land two more swats, both along the crease line between his butt and thigh, one on each side.  He actually raised up when the second one hit.  I then take advantage of the separation on his cheeks, and lay two strokes into his butt crack with my hand up, and by moving him a bit, two more with my hand down.  These last two were right over his little anus, and just above his balls.  Boy, did he scream.  April turned around at the sound, and I yelled for her to turn back and stay put.

I pulled Bradley back upright, and he started dancing from foot to foot, rubbing his bottom with both hands.  I noticed that his erection had totally left him.  I told him to go wait in the other corner, next to April, and went to get Drew.

I found her in the classroom biting on one of her blonde pigtails.  She had tears in her eyes, and was sniffling.  She followed me to the room, and gasped audibly as she saw April and Bradley in their respective corners, rubbing their respective behinds.  I asked Drew if she knew what she was supposed to do, and she really didn't seem to have a clue.  She was a petite 12 year old, and cute as a button.  She was already on the Jr. Varsity Cheering Squad, and had on her cheerleader skirt, with its yellow and white stripes.  I told her to climb over my lap for her first spanking.  She slowly did so, sort of leaning her chest on my leg.  I had to move her into position.  Her legs, and one of her panty halves peeped out from under her skirt as she lay there.  I have always felt that the very first spanking should be more or less a warning spanking, and have never really spanked too hard.  I proceeded to slap her butt through her skirt, and except for a soft mewing from her, you would not know that she was being punished.  I picked her up, and told her to remove her skirt and hang it on a coathook.  When she had done so, she turned and looked at me with questioning eyes. I explained that I wanted her to take April's place in her corner, so that she could receive her second spanking.  She walked to the corner, and I could see her little bottom jiggle in her thin little yellow cheerleader panties. I thought to myself that I bet she wished she had worn thicker panties today!

April walked to the coathook which held her skirt, and turned to the wall and removed her panties and hung them on the same hook.  Now I could see the results of the hairbrushing.  Her bottom was red all over, and a brilliant red on the lower right side where she had suffered the last stroke.  As she turned, I noticed that she had quite a patch of pubic hair, quite a bit more than I remembered from her last bare bottom spanking.  She walked slowly to me, and pleaded to get the rest of her punishment in the morning.  I simply patted my lap.  She lay back over my lap, and again I beheld her rather large, deeply cleft buttocks.  After moving her forward a bit, I proceeded to repeat her earlier spanking.  This time, however, I could see the effect that each stroke was having.  She squirmed, and rolled around enough to have me stop at #8 and move her also to the one leg position.  She knew what that meant, and really started to cry.  As she was forced down, her bottom also separated and opened, exposing both her bottom hole and vulva.  I knew the embarasment of her position was the cause of most of her crying, but just to let her know what effect kicking and rolling around has, I used the brush to spank the inner sides of her bottom, all along the crack, saving the last two for the "sweet spot" along the crease from butt to thigh.  These smacks were deliberate, and I waited between them to give her enough time to really feel them.  I helped her up, and told her to resume her position in the corner.

I then told Drew to come back to me.  She did so, with tears in her eyes, and a bit of shock at seeing April so "exposed" and red.  As she lay back over my lap, it became apparent that she had been rubbing her bottom, as her panties were rucked up on the left side.  I thought for a minute of pulling them down, but then again, felt it was her problem.  I know that as soon as she felt my hand on her bare little left cheek, she knew she was in trouble. I smacked her harder, and she was crying and wailing by the time it was over.  I could see from her left cheek that her butt was bright red in color.  I pulled her upright, and gave her a tissue, and told her to get dressed.  I told the others to do the same.  I think it was most embarassing for Bradley to have the two girls see him naked.  He stared at the girls as they dressed, and, of course, was erect again.  April smiled through her tears, but I don't think Drew even looked.

After the kids dressed, I gave them my canned speech about never wanting to ever see them in this room again.  But somehow, I knew that I probably would spend some time observing those bottoms again!

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