Never Again

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Saturday morning, Natalie woke up and moaned.  She was stretched out flat on her stomach, one hand furiously rubbing her stinging behind.  "Never again," she promised herself.  Last time she would ever do her little sister a favor.  She could not believe the trouble Caitlin had gotten them both into. . .

* * *

"Natalie, please," Caitlin begged, her blue eyes shining.  "Just this once? Please buy beer for me.  I already promised everyone that you would."

"Well, that was stupid," Natalie told her.  "You shouldn't have said that without asking me first.  You guys are only 14.  You shouldn't be drinking."

Caitlin laughed out loud.  "Oh, right, Nat.  Like you didn't. You didn't come stumbling home from your eighth grade graduation party."

Natalie hid a grin, even while wincing at the memory of what had happened when her father caught her.  Caitlin was too damn smart for her own good.  Without a mother, the Johnson girls had grown up fast.

"You remember what is was like," Caitlin went on, playing on her sister's sympathy.  "When you just wanted to have a few beers and had no way to get them. Oh, I forgot," she said pointedly. "You had Alli to buy for you."

"Where are you guys going?" Natalie asked, wavering.

Caitlin's eyes lit up.  Natalie had never seen her sister become so excited. "Just to the fields by school - where you used to go," she added.  "We're not going to do anything bad, I promise.  Just hang out.  You are so lucky to have an ID," she said jealously.

Natalie was lucky and she knew it.  She had just gotten it, from the older sister of one of her friends.  She could get into all the cool places now and hang out with her older friends.  Of course, it didn't hurt that Natalie had looked about 21 since the time she started high school.

"Please," Caitlin begged.  "I'll do anything for you.  I owe you big time, I promise."

"What do you need?" Natalie asked, finally relenting.  This was somewhat against her better judgment.  But Caitlin was right, Natalie did remember the days of just wanting to have a little harmless fun.  And how happy she was when Allison sometimes helped out.  Plus, it was nice to see Caitlin actually being pleasant for a change.

Caitlin's entire face lit up.  "Oh, thank you, thank you!" she cried, hugging her sister.  "I love you forever.  How about 2 cases of Budweiser and 1 case of Bud Light?" she asked.  "And maybe a bottle of Absolut?"

"Three cases!" Natalie cried.  "And vodka!  What are you all alcoholics?"

Caitlin rolled her eyes.  "I'll give you money," she said calmly.

"You sure will," Natalie said.  "And I mean it, Cait, you and your little friends better be good.  This is my ass on the line.  You better not let Dad find out.  He'll kill me if he knows I am supporting the drinking habits of minors."

"I would never tell him you bought for me," Caitlin said, horrified.  "He'd kill us both."

She was right.  Rob would be furious if he found up what his daughters were up to.  Natalie and Caitlin were most definitely the troublemakers of the family. Natalie was 16, a stunning brunette who had inherited Rob's dark good looks and athletic physique. She was fun and good natured, but had a natural tendency to find trouble.  She was often the mastermind of devious plans.  Caitlin was blond and beautiful, but she could be downright cruel.  She was cynical and much harder than any of her sisters.

Rob Johnson had his hands full raising five fun loving and mischievous daughters.  His ex-wife Michelle had taken off years ago after a bitter divorce, leaving him alone with the girls.  It would be a difficult task for anyone to raise five daughters, but Rob loved his girls.

He was a businessman who traveled often, but he did his best to keep his daughters in some semblance of a line.  He was a tall man at 6'4", with broad shoulders and strong, sturdy thighs.  He had played football all through college and had a chance at going pro, but his high school sweetheart Michelle had become pregnant with their oldest daughter, Allison.  Rob had worked hard over the years to give his daughters a comfortable life in an affluent suburb.

Discipline was clear in the Johnson household.  Rob's orders were to be followed and breaches in house rules were punished.  Because he traveled so often, he found it hard to enforce groundings.  His daughters were too sneaky.  Therefore, he found physical punishment much more effective.  It got their attention quick and fast, and his daughters were usually very repentant.  While the Johnson girls were not eager to admit that they were spanked well into their teens, Rob was not the least bit afraid to put his daughters over his knee for some very well deserved punishments.   He was a disciplinarian, but also very loving and affectionate.

* * *

Natalie bought Caitlin's three cases of beer and her bottle of vodka. She even dropped Caitlin and four of her friends off in their fields, before returning home to get ready for her own evening out.

Natalie and her friends hit a few bars, had a few drinks, and it was well after 2am when she arrived home.

Caitlin's twin Lindsay was just saying goodbye to her boyfriend Steve when Natalie let herself in the house.  "You're dead," Lindsay said simply.  She looked around.  "You didn't bring any friends home did you?"

Natalie was confused.  "No, why?  What difference does it make?  What's wrong, Linds?"

Lindsay held up a finger, careful not to say too much in front of Steve.  She and her boyfriend  had just arrived home less than an hour ago, when her father was flipping out on Caitlin and one of Caitlin's friends.  Lindsay half expected her father to spank Caitlin right there in the kitchen, audience or not.  It was bad enough he told Caitlin she wasn't going to be able to sit on her ass for a week.  Not exactly the kind of scene you wanted your boyfriend to overhear.

Natalie sensed something was wrong.  She even had a feeling Caitlin may have been caught drinking.  "She would never implicate me," Natalie thought.  "She wouldn't dare."  She watched impatiently as Lindsay kissed Steve goodnight and walked him to the door.

"What's going on?" Natalie almost screamed, once Steve was safely out of hearing.

Lindsay looked upset.  "Did you buy alcohol for Caitlin's friends or something?"

Natalie's heart just about stopped.  "What happened?" she asked, her voice just above a whisper.  She actually felt a little dizzy.

"Caitlin's little drinking party in the fields got busted," Lindsay told her hesitantly.  "The police broke it up.  They caught a bunch of them running, and they got Caitlin.  Dad had to pick her up.  And her friend Kristen got sick from the vodka. She's okay, but while Dad was screaming at Caitlin, Kristen's mother called, saying you were the one who bought it.  Daddy asked if it were true and Caitlin finally said yes."

"Oh, Christ," Natalie cried, sinking into the sofa.  "Oh, that little bitch...I'll kill her." Wait til she got her hands on Caitlin.  Natalie had never been so furious.  "Where's Dad and Caitlin now?" she asked her sister, surprised by how shaky her voice sounded.

"He's driving Caitlin's friend Aimee home," Lindsay answered.  "I'm sure glad I wasn't out with them tonight.  Daddy was flipping."

"Daddy's really mad?" Natalie asked, already knowing the answer.  Her bottom was already starting to tingle, knowing what was most likely in store for it.

Before Lindsay could answer, the front door flung open and Rob came storming in, Caitlin trailing behind him.  "I cannot believe Aimee puked in my Lexus," he shouted.  "No one has ever thrown up in one of my cars."

"Dad, I'm sure she's sorry," Caitlin said defensively.

Rob's eyes were flaming.  "Get upstairs and wait for me there, Caitlin Marie. You're going to be the one who's even more sorry."  He smacked her hard on her backside and she went flying up the stairs in tears.

Rob noticed Natalie for the first time.  "YOU!" he yelled, grabbing her wrist and standing her up.  "You are in so much trouble!  What the hell were you THINKING?  Buying alcohol for a bunch of 14 year olds?  Do you have a few screws loose, Natalie?  What the hell is WRONG with you?"

Lindsay discreetly slipped down into the basement where she could turn up the TV and try to tune out the sounds of her father's anger and Natalie's pathetic cries.

Natalie was literally shaking in her shoes.  She had never heard her father quite this angry before.  The look in his eyes was positively terrifying.

"Dad, I'm sorry-" Natalie started, beginning to cry.

Rob smacked her bottom.  "You want to cry? I'll give you something to cry about!" he yelled.  He smacked her again.

"I'm sorry!" Natalie cried again.

"You're sorry?  That's the best you can do?  Do you have any idea what could happen if anything would have happened to those kids?  They're underage!  You're underage!" he screamed.  "Do you know that Kristen could have died from alcohol poisoning?  Or that Kristen's mother was ready to sue us for you buying alcohol for her daughter?"

"It's not my fault if Caitlin's friends can't drink responsibly," Natalie weakly protested, then wished she hadn't.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.  Before she could blink, Rob had aimed three hard whacks to the seat of her pants.  Natalie's comment had infuriated him.  "YOU BOUGHT THEM LIQUOR!" he screamed at her, grabbing her hands when she tried to rub her stinging behind.

Natalie tried, but could not get any words out to calm her father down.  Not that Rob could be pacified.  "Do you have any idea how stupid this was?" he screamed, shaking Natalie by her wrists.

Natalie was crying hysterically.  "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know it was so dumb, I'm sorry," she cried.  "I was just trying to help her out."

"Help her out?" Rob screamed at her.  "No, Natalie, you do not help out a 14 year old by buying her friends beer.  It was irresponsible of Caitlin, but you should know better.  It's against the law!  Sometimes, I don't know how the hell you think - Are you proud of yourself, Natalie? Do you feel like the cool older sister now?"  Rob stood over her menacingly.  "You just wait, young lady, you are in big trouble."

Natalie couldn't stop sobbing.  "Daddy, I said I'm sorry," she begged.

"Not to mention one of your sister's idiot friends threw up in my Lexus," Rob continued, ignoring her.  His eyes narrowed.  "And just where is this ‘fantastic' ID I have heard so much about tonight?" he demanded.

Natalie was not often scared of her father, but this time he had her truly petrified.

"Give me that ID," Rob ordered.  Natalie could barely move.  "So help me God young lady," Rob threatened.  "This is not the night to fuck with me."

With trembling fingers, Natalie fumbled through her pocketbook until she found the ID.  Rob grabbed it from her hand, then with one hand clenched firmly around Natalie's hair, dragged her into the kitchen where he proceeded to take a pair of scissors and cut the ID into bits in front of her.

Natalie watches as the torn pieces fluttered to the floor, tears streaming down her face.

Rob aimed another sharp swat at Natalie's right thigh.  "You, young lady, get your ass upstairs and get those hoochie black pants off before I get up there, or I am going to tear them off.  NOW!!" he hollered, when Natalie just stared at him, frozen.

Rob stormed up the stairs behind her to the bedroom Caitlin and Lindsay shared. Caitlin was curled up on her bed, hugging her knees and crying softly.

"Get up," Rob ordered.  He noticed she had already kicked off her mudstained jeans - she had fallen when trying to run from the police.

"Daddy,  I'm sorry," Caitlin's voice was shaking. She had some idea of what she was in for.  It had been hard not to hear him screaming at Natalie downstairs.

Rob glared at her.  "Panties off," he told her.

"Daddy, no!" Caitlin cried.  "Please no."

Rob ignored her.  He took off his belt and slapped it on Lindsay's desk chair. "I'm waiting," he said simply, tapping the belt impatiently.

Caitlin swore under her breath and kicked off her panties.

Rob sat down on Lindsay's chair, pulling Caitlin in front of him.  "You could have been arrested tonight.  You are fourteen years old.  I don't care what your older sisters did.  You are too young to drink.  And if I ever find out that you are supplying alcohol to your friends again, I will put you over my knee right there in front of them.  Do you understand, young lady?"

"Yes," Caitlin whispered.

Rob jumped up, spun her around, and let the leather strike her bottom, right at her seat.  Caitlin howled in pain.  "I can't hear you," Rob snapped, and quickly prevented her from rubbing her smarting bottom.

"I understand!" Caitlin shouted.

Without another word, Rob made her lean over Lindsay's chair, and proceeded to whip her tiny bottom with his belt.

In her bedroom across the hall, Natalie was well aware her sister's spanking was underway.  She could hear every crack of the belt, as well as Caitlin's screams and protests.  Natalie knew she was in for even worse.  She winced every time the belt fell, her own bottom tingling uncomfortably in anticipation.

Rob covered Caitlin's bottom with dozens of painful stingers, but stopped short of leaving red and purple welts.  He wanted to teach her a lesson that would keep her on her toes for awhile, but he was far more concerned with punishing her older sister.  Ordinarily he made the punished daughter stand in the corner for an hour or so, to add to her humiliation and to keep her from rubbing the sting away.  However, Rob was in no mood to stay up and baby-sit Caitlin, so he barked at her that she was grounded for 3 weeks and to get to bed.

"Daddy, please don't spank Natalie," Caitlin begged, sobbing.  "It's my fault. I begged her.  She was only helping me.  Please."  Caitlin did not want to be the object of Natalie's wrath.  She knew her sister was going to absolutely kill her for this.

"Natalie has a mind of her own," Rob said.  "She can make her own decisions. She's supposed to know better.  That spanking you just got is nothing compared to what Natalie's in for."

Before he went in to deal with Natalie he stopped into his own bedroom, and removed a heavy brown leather strap from the closet.  He had only used it once before, when Allison was fifteen and supposed to be baby-sitting her little sisters, but had taken off with a friend, leaving the girls home all alone.

Snapping the strap a few times to figure out how to make it really burn, he let himself into Natalie's bedroom.

Natalie had already moved her desk chair into the center of the room, hoping her cooperation would make her father go a little easier on her.  Her black pants were neatly folded on her bed and she had changed into a t-shirt.  She was sitting on the chair, sniffling and trembling.

Rob did not comment on her preparations.  "Get that thong off," he snapped. Natalie had left the thong on in the hopes that her father would see it offered little protection and let her leave it on.  Although, deep down she knew he was going to make her take it off.  She did not argue, just slipped it off and waited for her father's next instructions.  Caitlin's sobs were still audible from across the hall.

"I don't think I need to lecture you anymore," Rob told her, his mouth firm. "Your actions showed very bad judgment tonight.  You're lucky things didn't turn out worse.  Do you realize what could have happened if Kristen had alcohol poisoning?  If her parents decided to sue?"

Natalie just nodded, not wishing to make her father any angrier.  She jumped in horror when she saw the brown strap in her father's hand.  "Daddy?" she cried hesitantly.

Rob swung it in front of her.  "Natalie, lean over the chair."

"Is that what Caitlin got?" Natalie demanded.  "This is all her fault."

"No, Caitlin didn't get the strap," Rob told her.  "And this is not Caitlin's fault.  Caitlin did not force you to buy alcohol for her.  You knew exactly what you were doing.  You put your sister and her friends in a dangerous position."

The sight of that strap was getting Natalie edgy.  "Dad, they were going there to drink anyway.  If I hadn't bought it for them, someone else would have," she pleaded desperately.  Her bottom was shaking.

Rob practically growled at her.  "That's all you can say, young lady? After all this, all you can say is that it's not your fault?  Well, I am going to teach you a thing or two about responsibility.  You think you are so cool and tough, don't you, with your cool ID and buying alcohol for your sister?  Well let me remind you that your ID is sitting in shredded pieces in the kitchen and your sister is in her bedroom with her ass smarting.  We'll see what a big shot you feel like when I get through with you.  Now get over that chair!"

When Natalie hesitated out of pure fear, not defiance, Rob grabbed her arm and threw her over the chair, raining spank after spank down with the strap.

Natalie was screaming from the fifth stroke on.  "Daddy, stt-tt-oppp- pppppp! Oh God, please, stop! I'm sorry, I'm sorr-AHHHH! OWWWW!" she wailed. "Daddy, noooooooo!"

Rob brought down each smack harder than the last.  "Don't you MOVE!" he threatened, when Natalie began kicking her legs furiously.  "You get up and you will be sorry!"

He slapped at her bottom, her thighs, the tops of her legs, sometimes laying crack after crack on the exact same spot. Natalie's wails were brutal.  "I'm sorrr-rrrr-" she tried to choke out, her bottom absolutely flaming.  Never in her life had she felt a pain so intense. She could not possibly take another second of this horrible punishment.

But Rob was nowhere near finished.  His arms were strong from daily lifting sessions at the gym.  He swung that piece of leather down over and over, ignoring Natalie's sobs and pleas.

"Never again, Daddddy - OHOH - Ahhhhhh - Wah, wah!" Natalie moaned. "St-top, puh-lllllleeeasse!"

Natalie was hysterical by the time Rob was through with her.  "Get up," he ordered, holding the strap at his side.

Natalie could not control her sobs.  "AH AH AH," she screamed, tears streaming down her face.  Her bottom was burning. Rob took her roughly by the arm and stood her up, looking her over.  He had done a number on her backside.  Natalie wouldn't be sitting comfortably for quite a while.  Rob felt a twinge of satisfaction.  While he was not pleased with having to discipline his daughter, he knew Natalie would not forget this lesson any time soon.

"Owwwwww," Natalie sobbed, pushing her tangled hair out of her face. "It huuuuuurrttts."  She hopped around, trying to ease the terrible sting away.  Her lips formed a perfect pout.  She was not very happy about her present situation.

Rob shook his head at her.  "Tough," he told her harshly, not showing any sympathy. "That was an idiotic thing you did.  You know better than that."

Another wave of pain exploded across Natalie's bottom and she burst into fresh tears.

"Consider yourself grounded," Rob said sternly.  "And you better be on your best behavior, young lady.  So help you if you pull anything like this again."

Natalie glared hatefully at her father, but managed a small nod.  Tears continued to spill down her cheeks.

Rob stormed out of her room, still furious over the night's events.  He did not appreciate having to pick up one daughter from the police station, a phone call from an angry, hysterical mother regarding the actions of another daughter, or puke in his Lexus.  He was more upset about those factors than he was about the fact that Caitlin had been drinking or that Natalie had been using an illegal ID.

He walked down the hall to his bedroom, the strap still warm in his hand.  He could hear Natalie's loud, uncontrollable sobs.  Rob ran his fingers threw his hair.  Honest to God, his daughters were driving him crazy.  He did not have the time or the patience to deal with their antics.  He was determined to teach them that they better behave or they would pay the consequences.  His daughters were not going to be insubordinate.

Rob threw the strap back in his closet.  He was pretty worked up.  Without even thinking, he put on his running sneakers and ran down the front stairs.  He didn't care that it was the middle of the night, he needed to go for a run.

He jogged down the driveway, unaware of the night's chilly air.  As his sneakers hit the ground over and over, Rob was reminded of memories from years ago.  He used to go running after having a brutal argument with his ex-wife, regardless of the time.  It had been a perfectly miserable marriage.  They sometimes fought until the early hours of the morning, many times waking up their children. Michelle had been vicious.  She was spiteful and knew all the right buttons to push during an argument.  Rob usually became infuriated and went storming out of the house for a hard run.

* * *

Lindsay heard the front door slam.  The screams from upstairs had finally stopped.  Even with the TV blaring, Lindsay had not been able to tune out the sounds of the two spankings.  It had been horrible to listen to all the screaming and protesting.  Lindsay knew her sisters were not being dramatic. Her father was strong and his spankings were meant to teach lessons.  They hurt. Lindsay shuddered.  While she was not punished very often at all, she had certainly felt her father's hand and belt on her bottom.

She went upstairs and knocked quietly on her bedroom door.  She could hear soft crying coming from inside.  "Cait?" she called.  "Can I come in?"

"Uh-huh," her sister finally choked out, barely above a whisper.

Lindsay went inside.  Caitlin was sprawled out on her bed, her face streaked with tears.  She was on her stomach, furiously rubbing her flaming behind.  Her panties and jeans were still in a heap on the floor.

"Oh, Caitlin," Lindsay cried, seeing how red her sister's bottom was. "Ouch."

Caitlin glared at her.  "Shut up, Lindsay."

Lindsay looked hurt.  "Not fair," she said.  "I came to see if you were okay."

Caitlin tried to roll over, then yelped in pain.  "I'm just terrific," she snapped.  "I love being treated like I'm about five." She winced. "We're too frickin old for this."

Lindsay sighed. "Yeah, well, try telling Dad that."

"Natalie is going to fucking kill me," Caitlin moaned.  "I heard the spanking he gave her.  It lasted forever.  She's not going to be able to sit.  I am so dead."  Fresh tears filled her pretty blue eyes.  "This wasn't even my fault."

Lindsay raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment.  "Come on," she said soothingly. "Let's get you to bed."  She went to her sister's dresser and took out a fresh pair of underwear.  "Here," she said, tossing them to her sister.

Caitlin's face scrunched in pain as she pulled up the cotton panties. "Ouch!" she cried.  "Shit!"

Lindsay helped her twin settle into bed.  Caitlin stretched flat on her tummy, one hand still rubbing her behind.

Lindsay waited until Caitlin finally cried herself to sleep, then knocked on Natalie's door.  Rob was still out running in the dark morning.

"What?" Natalie snapped through her tears, wondering if it was Caitlin or her father.

"It's Linds.  Can I come in?"

There was no reply, so Lindsay slowly opened the door.  Natalie was in much worse shape than Caitlin.  She was kneeling on the floor, cradling her backside and sobbing.  Her bottom was bright red, covered with welts, and looked extremely painful.  Her brown hair was a tangled mess, black mascara had run all over her cheeks, and her little T-shirt was wrinkled and bunched up above her waist.

"Go away," she cried, not looking up.

"Natalie," Lindsay said softly.  She put her arms around her sister.  "It's okay, it's okay."

Natalie burst into fresh sobs.  "He was so mean," she cried.  "He is so mad at me.  I've never seen him so mad.  And it hurts," she sobbed. "It hurts, it hurts."

Lindsay gently gathered Natalie's hair away from her face.  "I know," she said soothingly.  "I'm sorry.  It's going to be okay."

Natalie's mouth hardened.  "I am going to kill your other half," she warned, her voice shaking with anger.  "She is so dead.  I did this as a favor to her.  A favor.   She fucking begged me.  And then she gets me whipped and grounded.  She is fucking toast.  And I got it worse than she did!"

Lindsay figured as much.

"He used his fucking strap, Lindsay.  You know the strap he always threatens to use, but doesn't?  Well he used it this time.  Caitlin didn't even get it.  But I did?  That's fucked up."  Natalie was having a hard time containing her fury. "I'm going to get her for this," Natalie swore.  "Mark my words, she is going to get a taste of that strap.  She better watch her fucking back because she's going to pay for this one."

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