Christian Bible College II

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"Exactly what I was getting at, Ruth. I suspect that's why Randy is getting into so much trouble now that he's away on his own for the first time. I often see relapses into juvenile behavior with incoming freshmen who can't handle the sudden freedom. Even though my son Tommy lived at home while attending CBC, I noticed the same thing with him."

"I'm afraid Danny may be like your Tommy, Dean Thomas," Mrs. Richmond replied. "I had my doubts about letting him go away to college in the first place and all this has confirmed my suspicions. Fortunately, I am just close enough to provide effective discipline when necessary so that Danny stays on the right track. I think I'm all ready if you are, Dean Thomas. If you could please show me that room in the basement."

"With pleasure, Mrs. Richmond. If you'll just follow me."

Both women stood up at the same time as Danny sat there frozen, his face twisted in shame. He glanced around futilely for a moment as if seeking an escape route. Not wasting any time, his mother mother grabbed his left forearm and raised him to his feet. At 5 feet, 8 inches and 130 pounds, Danny was a slight young man who looked at least four years younger than he was. As the Dean noted, he was still easily controlled by his mother. As she began marching him toward the door, he dragged his feet slightly in a way which made him look even more childish. It was clear to the experinced eyes of Dean Thomas that Danny was unconsciously reverting to a familiar role with his mother.

"Please, Mom ... pleeeeeease?" By now, his voice was already wavering and cracking with fear. Glowering at him, Danny's mother shot back,

"Not another word out of you, little man, or so help me we'll settle this matter here in Dean Thomas's office."

"It wouldn't be the first time, Mrs Richmond, but I think it best if you use our basement. I'm sure Danny doesn't want anyone walking by to hear him crying."

By that point, Danny and his mother were right next to Mrs. Carrington's desk forcing him to endure yet another pair of stern female eyes. On earlier visits, Danny had dwelled on Mrs. Carrington remarkable beauty, especially on her lustrous red hair, large, pointed breasts, and long, shapely legs. Now everything was reversed and it was he who had become the object of her staring. Instead of a young man ogling the pretty 35 year old and entertaining fantasies of sexual power, he was now reduced to a childish state held by his mother who brandished a hairbrush while Dean Thomas referred pointedly to his crying. To make matters worse, Mrs. Carrington looked directly into Danny eyes and smiled approvingly in a way which suggested she had known about everything from the start. Though his eyes quickly dropped back to the floor, he could feel her eyes remaining on him.

"Lucy, could you please lock the front door and shut off most of the lights. It's after closing time and we don't need any visitors coming by unnanounced."

"Of course, Dean Thomas. I'll take care of that right away."

With Dean Thomas leading the way, Danny and his mother crossed the outer office and turned a corner onto a short hallway. At the end was an open door leading onto the basement steps. The lights were already turned on. Gesturing for them to go first, Dean Thomas followed them down the stairs, closing the door behind her. Once the door closed, Danny realized how quiet it was in the basement and how no one outside the building would be able to hear anything.

"Dean Thomas, I think it would be best if you stayed while I punish Danny since this is a school matter and you are the one he disobeyed and lied to."

"Mommmmmmm, nooooooo," Danny cried in sudden terror. "Pleeeeaaaassse nooooooo, at least handle this by yourself."

"Hush young man or I will turn you over immediately to Dean Thomas and ask her to punish you. Don't think we didn't consider this option so I wouldn't have to drive up here."

"Mrs Richmond, I'd be happy to administer Danny's punishment if you think he would learn a better lesson. He wouldn't be the first college boy I had to turn over my knee when requested by a distant parent. And God knows, Tommy had to make a few trips down here over the years."

"I'll take you up on that offer, Dean Thomas, if Danny continues to fuss like this." With that, Mrs. Richmond spun her son around and planted three quick spanks on the seat of his pants. In response to this latest development, Danny froze with a stunned expression on his face. As the full measure of his situation sank in, Mrs. Richmond placed her purse on a nearby table, tucked the hairbrush into the pocket of her dress, and began rolling up her right sleeve. She then took hold of Danny's left forearm again and dragged him over to a straight backed chair which he suddenly noticed sitting against the wall. Pulling it out a few feet, she sat down and asked,

"Dean Thomas, would you be kind enough to hold Danny's hands in back of him out of harm's way for a moment?"

"With pleasure, Ruth." And before Danny knew what was happening, Dean Thomas seized his wrists and pulled them behind his back where she held them in what seemed like an iron grip. Even as Danny tried to struggle, he felt what little strength left drain away from his body as a mix of guilt, shame and helplessness washed over him. As his belt and pants came undone and his jeans were roughly tugged down to his knees, he offered one more feeble attempt to break free before his mother yanked him quickly over her lap. At the same moment, Dean Thomas pushed him from behind so that he had no choice but to fall over his mother's lap, his short legs coming up and off the ground. At the same moment, Dean Thomas released and retired to a nearby chair.

Clasping both of his wrists in the small of his back with her left hand, Danny's mother quickly tugged his underpants down to join his jeans around his knees and placed her right leg over the back of Danny's legs as his bare bottom rose high in the air over her left thigh. As his underpants came down, Danny immediately let out a loud wail of protest which turned into a still louder wail as his mother's strong right hand came crashing down on his plump white cheeks.

As she began spanking her son in a manner which showed great experience, Mrs. Richmond turned to Dean Thomas and explained,

"Although Danny is been getting spanked with my hairbrush since he turned fifteen, I always start out with a good, sound hand spanking to remind him that he will be treated like a naughty little child every time he acts like one. Though I always switch over to the hairbrush at some point, a good hand spanking on his bare bottom in the nursery position over my knee does wonders for learning a good lesson. Especially with an older boy. Any older teenage boy who discovers he not too old to have his underpants pants taken down and put over his mommy's knee learns a very good lesson in obedience."

"I couldn't agree with you any more, Mrs. Richmond. A spanking is not effective unless it's on the bare bottom. And hand spanking an older boy like a toddler is in many ways even more memorable and effective than a hairbrushing. Fortunately, you'll find Mrs. Zanders very helpful when it comes to nursery punishments and early bedtimes. Danny's latest misbehavior shows he needs to be taken back three or four years and treated like a younger child until he shows he can handle big boy responsibilties. And I can't think of anymore more capable in that regard than Mrs. Zanders."

By then, Danny had already received a hundred hand spanks or more and his fanny was dancing back and forth furiously as each new spank deepened the overall pink color. He had long since stopped listening to the conversation as the sting in his bottom grew worse and worse without the slightest possibility of escape. By the time his mother pulled out the hairbrush three or four minutes later, he was sobbing like a baby. Undeterred by his cries, Mrs. Richmond paddled him for another three minutes until his entire bottom was dark red and he was one of the most repentent, well-spanked, crying little boys Dean Thomas had ever seen.

He continued to cry long after his pants were pulled up and his mother escorted him back upstairs and out into her car where they followed Dean Thomas over to the Mrs Zanders house. Danny's things had already been dropped off by Dean Thomas's assistant, Judy Kernan, with the help of three students. And by the time Danny followed his mother and Dean Thomas into Mrs. Zanders's home, Danny felt a lot better. His crying had finally stopped and it was clear from the manner of both Dean Thomas and his mother that he had been forgiven and would now be allowed to prove himself worthy of the second chance he had been given. He resolved not to disappoint them. And when Mrs. Zanders turned out to a big, warm, bosomy woman around fifty who threw her arms around Danny as soon as he stepped into her foyer, that part of Danny's punishment suddenly seemed a lot less worrisome. He made a secret pledge to show her how well he could behave and to do everything she asked right away as if he were her son.

After Dean Thomas departed, Mrs. Richmind and Mrs. Zanders retired to the den to chat privately while Danny went upstairs to his large, pleasant room to put his things away. He returned downstairs to say good bye to his mother a half hour later while his new landlady served him dinner in the family dining room. Through dinner, Danny's puffy eyes and tear-stained face showed what had just happened. So, too, did his exceptional politeness during dinner and his good behavior afterwards as he did the dishes without her even asking and retired to his room to do his homework which he showed her at bedtime. Mrs. Zanders noted how his spanking had done a lot of good and helped Danny turn over a new leaf. As stopped in later to kiss him good night, she murmured,

"Danny, I'm glad to see you are such a well-behaved boy. If you continue to behave as nicely as you did tonight, we will get along beautifully. Even if you misbehave, I will treat you with the love and affection every child deserves, even when he's naughty. As part of that parental affection, I will not hesitate to take your pants down and put you over my knee for the sound spankings every child needs when he misbehaves. As you'll find out, a child is never more loved than when he's learning to behave himself over a maternal lap. I plan to show you just how much I care for you by spanking you when you are naughty. These will be the kind of loving spankings at bedtime which mommies normally give and afterwards I will put you to bed early. If you are naughty on a weekend morning, you will be spanked after lunch and put to bed for a punishment nap after lunch with another bedtime spanking that evening. Your mother thinks a return to regular nursery spankings will do you a lot of good and I'm inclined to agree from what I've seen and heard. Of course, if you don't want to be spanked, all you have to do is obey Mommy Zanders. Do you understand me, sweetheart?"

"Yes ... Mrs. Zanders," Danny said, as she leaned forward and gave him another kiss goodnight before turning off the bedside light and leaving him to sleep.

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