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Tara and her husband Joe had been having a lot of marriage problems lately. It seemed they were both at power play with each other, Joe being the Dominant type and Tara being a very feisty, strong headed female. In today's society, it was difficult for a woman to let a man be in control. Tara had watched her Mom being a very submissive wife for years. OK, so they did have a very long and loving marriage, but that was the "old" days, and this was now! So, why was Tara having such a hard time forgetting about her conversation with her friend, Cindy?

Tara thought back to the conversation. Cindy and her husband always seemed so happy and so sexy with each other but Tara was still in shock when Cindy explained the D/s (Dominant/submissive) lifestyle that Cindy and Jack were living. Cindy was always such a vibrant, confident and beautiful woman and Tara had always admired her! Tara shook her head in disbelief, remembering Cindy's advice to try this with her husband Joe. "What do you have to loose?," asked Cindy. Tara knew she was right. She loved Joe a lot but lately things were really going from bad to worse. However, when Cindy was discribing the spankings she got from Jack, whenever she was smart mouth or got out of line, Tara cringed. Could Tara really let Joe have the control of their relationship like that? Tara pictured herself over Joe's knee, receiving a good spanking with her panties pulled down. Wow! Tara shook her head again, but secretly had to admit that it sounded interesting.

That night after dinner, Tara told Joe that she needed to talk with him. Joe could tell that Tara seemed very serious and in somewhat of a different mood. Joe shut off the television set and sat down quietly with his beautiful wife. They were having their problems, but Joe loved her so very much and couldn't imagine life without her. He knew she needed his full attention and he hoped it wasn't going to be bad news.

Tara started talking real fast, and quite nervously as she explained her conversation with Cindy. Joe listened intently. He always liked Cindy and Jack and had great respect for their happy marriage. Joe had read a lot about D/s on the Internet and had secretly wished he could apply it to his own marriage.

After Tara got herself talked out and seemed to slow down, Joe asked her if she was willing to try it. He was surprised to say the least! So Joe sat down some rules and guide lines for both of them and Tara agreed.

Tara was not prepared for what Joe said next!... "Tara, in order to begin this new lifestyle, I am going to impress upon your bottom that I am the boss. I want you to know from the start what you will be in for any time you try to overstep your role as my submissive wife. Do you understand?" OHhhhhh, Tara's stomach did flip flops! Before she could even answer, Joe had pulled her across his lap, and pulled up her skirt.... "This is going to hurt and it is meant to hurt. I want you to know that I intend to take my role seriously. When you are good, I will reward you. But, when you are naughty and act like a 10 year old instead of a submissive wife, this is what you will get!"

Joe's hand went up and came down again in one big SWAT! "OWWWWWwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee!" OH my gosh! Tara was in shock! "Joe, that hurts!," exclaimed Tara. Before she could say another word, Joe continued her spanking. Over and over he smacked her poor bottom! Suddenly, he pulled her panties down to her knees and spanked her bare bottom even harder. "OUCH, OUCH, OUCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tara kicked and screamed but Joe didn't seem to hear. "OWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwww, OHHhhhhhh, PLEEeeeszzzzzzz, NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!... SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP... OUCHHHHH, OOWWWWWWWWWCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"...

He spanked her mercifully until her bottom was so hot and sore, and Tara was sobbing!... Suddenly he stopped and took Tara in his arms. He kissed her and told her how much he loved her. She kissed him back! Her bottom hurt so bad, but Tara knew this was just what she needed. She hated the brat she had been turning into lately and she was so happy to know that Joe was man enough to take control.

Tara and Joe made love all night long. It seemed like it had been so long since they had found such passion in their love. When Tara woke up in the morning, she rubbed her still sore bottom. A BIG smile came across her face and she knew her marriage was going to be better than ever!


Marla was so excited! She and her husband Bill were moving to their new house with their two children, Sara and Trevor. The community they were moving to was a totally private, gated community where children could be brought up safely and with very strict rules. Husbands and Fathers take complete control in this society of families and wives and children were totally submissive. This would be a complete change of lifestyle for Marla and her family, but the world was becoming too violent and they had all agreed that this style of living would be best for all. The community had it's own schools where children were disciplined by teachers if they were naughty. It had it's own stores and a plantation worked by the families for food supplies. It had wonderful play grounds, ball courts, swimming pool, hot tube and club house. Men worked outside of the community if they wished to but wives and children were only allowed to leave the premisses with the permission of the husband. To buy a home in this community, the entire family had to sign a contract of rules which included the wives and children understanding that public spankings would take place any time the husband/father/teachers/staff decided it was necessary.

The moving van was ready to go and the family loaded up for the trip, dog and all. They were on their way to their new, safer, life!

It took about 45 minutes to arrive to the gate. Bill had already been issued a gate key and the family passed through. Marla felt wonderful as they entered the office and signed the final papers. Then the head staff member informed Bill that upon the initial entering to this new life, he was to take his family outside to the court yard where there was a long padded table with wrist straps. He was to have his wife and children bend over, bare their bottoms and receive a spanking from Bill. This was to assure the start of the submissiveness and Dominance role of each family member. Marla was stunned as she heard the instuctions! Bill was to give Marla 50 hard stokes with his belt and the children were to receive 20 each! The spanking would be witnessed by all staff members to assure them that Bill was ready to take total charge of his family.

Outside Marla and her two children submitted to this rule and bent over the table. Bill secured there hands and pulled down all 3 jeans and panties of his wife and children.

Bill removed his belt and administered the spankings to his children first. Marla had to lay there and listen while her children whooooped and cried and kicked their feet. Bill administered the spanking with diligence and then it was over. Now, it was Marla's turn.

Marla let out a big yelp as Bill brought down the first of 50 lashes! Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy, how it stung! How would she ever get through 49 more? Bill never wavered in his duty as he contined to whip Marla's bare bottom and the staff watched with approval... Marla screamed and yelled to the top of her lungs and the tears streamed down her cheeks. The lashes just kept coming as Bill swung the belt with firm, meaningful stokes. Soon 50 strokes had been counted and Marla took a deep breath. Her bottom felt hot and swollen and she knew there would be bruises when she examined herself in the mirror.

Marla and her children were released from the wrist bindings. The children were allowed to pull up their panties and go meet their new playmates. However, Marla was instructed to leave herself bare for the rest of the day, so that the other community people could see that Marla and Bill would be a good addition to the community.

So this was the start of their new life! Marla knew that inspite of her sore bottom, this would be the very best way of life for her family. She will have to let you know later how life goes on!

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