FutureSpank 3

From: [email protected] (Millard)

Leon Motts was happy to be on his way home from a boring piano lesson.  His Grandma Baker paid for his lessons, and had done so for the last 6 years, ever since first grade.  Leon thought to himself how much he hated having to take piano, but knew that it would disappoint his Grandma if he quit.  So, every Wednesday after school, Leon would pedal his bike across town to Mrs. Appleton's house where he would put in his hour of discordant music making.

Leon was small for his age, and probably because of this, he was not much of a sports enthusiast.  He never played ball with the neighborhood kids, preferring his computer. He had reddish-blonde hair, green eyes, and a slender build.  He always felt like he would eventually become a "ladies man" like his mom said.  Actually, Sally Fenton in his class at school was really cute, and seemed to like him. Leon was musing about her when he suddenly ran full tilt into the back of a parked police car!

He quickly staggered to his feet and was greeted by a policelady who wanted to make sure he was OK.  When he assured her that he was, her face lost its look of concern, and turned professional.  She asked him why he had run into her parked car.  When he explained that he was day-dreaming, her face turned downrigt mean looking.  She told him that he needed to be down on his knees thanking the Lord that he had not damaged her squad car, or she would have put him in cuffs and taking him "in".  Leon started to shake at this point, having never been in trouble before.  He stammered an apology to the officer, and noticed that she was writing something on a card.  She asked his name, and address, and asked to see his juvenile registration card.  Leon found it in his wallet, and handed it to her with a sinking heart.  She copied his information, and handed back his card along with another card which had a "4" written in a bold fashion on the front.  She told him that she was giving him a "4", but should be giving him a "5" because of the scare that she had received when he ran into her. With that, she told him he had better get over to the machine, and drove off.

Leon's shaking hand held the dreaded punisment card.  He was aware, of course, of the discipline machines set up all over the city, and knew of some kids who had actually been sent to one.  He was not aware of how they worked, and spent a good 10 minutes reading the instructions.  The card said that he had to report in at, or before 6 pm on that day. It listed all of the machines in the city, with a little map showing where they were located.  In bold print, the card stated that anyone who was late for an appointment would receive double the punishment already listed. Leon knew that a "4" meant he would receive four times his age in punishment strokes either by a paddle, strap, or cane.  He started to sob, and then looked up at a clock on a bank sign.  It was already 5:40!  He knew that he would have to go to the closest machine, and that he had to hurry.  He pushed his damaged bike and made his way over to Maple street.  Sure enough, there was the building, on the corner of Maple and 4th.

Leon opened the door, and saw a large sign which instructed him to swipe his juvenile identification card in the machine, and enter his punishment number.  He did both, and the door opened into a large room which had plastic benches along the walls.  Another sign instructed him to take a seat until his number appeared on the moving sign by the rear door. Leon noticed 3 other kids sitting there.  There were 2 boys, who both looked to be about Leon's age, and a girl who looked like she was 10.  Leon did not know any of them.  One boy caught Leon's eye, and whispered "How Many?"  It took Leon a second to understand that he was asking what his number was.  He held up 4 fingers, but did not respond,due to the large sign which simply said SILENCE!  He did not want to get into any more trouble.  The boy held up 3 fingers, and pointed to the boy to his right, and held up 2 fingers. He pointed to the little girl, but shrugged his shoulders. It was apparent that she did not wish to speak.  Just then, the sign started up, and a number showed, with the message to report to machine #1, another number came across the machine with a message to report to machine #2.  Both boys stood up, and walked through the metal doors, which silently swung shut.

Leon was aware now that the little girl was crying and sobbing.  Her tears actually formed a small puddle on the floor as she sat with her head down. Leon tried to catch her eye, but she would not look up.

Fifteen minutes later, the door opened and the second boy, who had received a "2" walked through.  Both Leon and the little girl stared at him, as he noisly cried and held his butt with both hands.  He swiped his card through the machine, and walked out.  The little girl stared after him.  Deep sobs now racked her, and her soulders shook.  Then, in a few more minutes, the first boy emerged.  His face was as red as anything Leon had ever seen.  He too was crying, and tears and snot ran down onto his shirt as he walked to the card machine.  He reached into his back pocket, found his card, and swiped it to open the door.  When he tried to slide the card back into his back pocket, he let out a loud cry, and quickly put the card into his front pocket.

The sound of the sign moving snapped Leon's eyes to full attention,  it instructed one number to report to machine one, and his number showed as machine two.  Slowly, both he and the little girl stood and walked to the door.  When he entered the next room, there was a large sign instructing them to remove all clothing below their waist, and any shirts, or other clothing which might in any way cover the "punishment area".  The sign told them to keep their shoes on, and advised them that they had 3 minutes to disrobe, put their clothes neatly on the bench, and enter the machine.  The clock already showed "2:44", and Leon could see that it was counting down.

Embarassed, he unbuttoned his jeans, and started pulling them off over his shoes.  The girl pulled her dress off over her head, and stood there in just her sneakers, and cotton panties with little flowers on them.  She folded her dress, and without making eye contact, pulled her panties off and put them on top of the pile.  Then, naked except for her shoes, she walked to the machine labeled "one", punched in a number "5", and walked inside.  Leon folded his jeans, and pulled off his jockey shorts over his shoes and tossed them on top of his jeans.  He noticed that his hairless penis was stiff as a board.  He didn't know if that was because of the little girl's actions, or his fear.  Quickly, he went to the second machine, entered his "4", and stepped inside.  He was instructed to step onto the yellow footpads and reach up over his head and grab the handbars.  He did so, and was somewhat startled to find cuffs wrapping themselves around his anles and wrists.  He was soon tied up.  The machine ran up and down behind him, and it appeared to be taking measurments.  Then, he was stretched out, and slowly bent over a padde bench.  From what he had heard from others, he knew that this meant the machine had randomly chosen to paddle him.

A large monitor lit up before his eyes, and he saw his butt.  With some small motions, he was pulled slightly forward, and his legs separated slightly.  He could see his balls hanging down, and sensed a movement to his left. When he looked, he saw a lexan paddle which was clear plastic, except for about a dozen holes cut in it.  His mouth was dry, and he felt his heart pumping in his chest.  Then, the arm that held the paddle made a snapping sound, and the paddle quickly found its mark, right at the top of his butt. He whipped his face forward, and saw that the paddle was just leaving his butt.  There were several white marks where the holes in the paddle had hit him, and a reddening mark which seemed to get redder as he stared.  It was then that he noticed a large number on the screen change from "48" to "47". The sting of the stroke seemed to hit his brain at the same time that he realized there were many more strokes to go. His mind reeled, as the next stroke hit slightly below the last one, followed almost immediately by another and another, each just slightly lower on his butt.  He was now crying out with each stroke.  Waves of pain flowed into his brain.  With tear filled eyes he stared at his butt on the big screen as the paddle slashed into a new series of 5 more swats.  He knew that he could not stand the entire amount, and screamed out for someone to listen to him.  He pleaded to be let off, as the paddle again visited his butt.  He could now see that the reddness was showing up lower and lower.  After the next series, the machine showed "28", and Leon's butt was red from the very top, to the crease line where his butt and upper thighs met.

After a brief pause, the machine started again, this time at the bottom of his butt, and proceeded to give him 20 more swats, from botttom to top.  He was screaming in pain and felt that his butt was on fire, which the monitor seeme to bear out.

With a sudden motion, the table Leon was on separated, and his butt was forced apart, revealing white territory along each side of his crack.  It also now showed his bottom hole, and his penis sticking out in front of his bag.  Not knowing what was going on, he tried to tense his butt cheeks, but was rewarded by the paddle sweeping into his crack area.  Quickly Leon relaxed his butt, rather than suffer the pain of the paddle smashing down and then pulling quickly out of his crack area as he tried to squeeze it together.  His last strokes were up and down his crack.

Then, as he monitor showed "0", he felt himself being pulled upright.  He could see his butt, bright red as any sunrise.  The cuffs were deflated, and he door hissed open.

With tears running from his eyes, and snot running from his nose, he stepped from the machine.  He tried to rub the sting from his cheeks, but his butt was just too sore to touch.  Slowly, he pulled his jockey shorts up over his shoes, without sitting down!  He was reaching for his jeans when the little girl came out.  As much as he hurt, he felt even worse when he saw her little tear streaked face.  Tears ran down her chest, over her tummy and then over her little hairless mound, before dropping to her feet and the floor. She was making soft mewing sounds as she walked to the bench. She slowly bent, picked up her panties, and then put thm back down. Then, she turned her back to Leon as she picked up her dress and slowly put it on. Leon gasped at the little girl's butt.  It was apparent that she had gotten the cane.  There were welts upon welts, all up and down her bottom.  Some formed "railroad tracks", by running parallel to each other, some were diagonal over her little cheeks.  As her dress fell to cover her, she reached for her panties and used them for a tissue.  She then slowly walked out.

Leon slid into his jeans, but almost could not button them.  His butt felt about 4 sizes too big.  He hurried out, noticing 3 other boys were waiting wide-eyed in the room.  He swiped his card and went outside, hoping to see the little girl, to make sure she was OK, but she was gone.

Too sore to ride his damaged bike anyway, Leon pushed it as he made his slow, painful way home.

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