The Movies

From: [email protected] (SamPast) and (Don A. Landhill)

This story is a work of fiction. The author does not endorse or encourage the actual spanking of real children in any way. All characters are the products of the author's imagination.

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The Movies -- A Twin Story By SamPast and Don A. Landhill Copyright (c) 1999, All Rights Reserved.

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Part I

I had come home from school in a strange mood. It was a Friday afternoon so I had no homework. I didn't feel like doing anything. T.V. was boring and Robin was on a playdate. That left hanging out with Mommy and I didn't want to do that. I decided to call Daddy at work to say hello.

When the lady at the courtesy desk picked up the phone, I asked for Charlie Clemente in my most grown-up voice. I was almost eight years old and had been practicing to sound older. Finally, Daddy came to the phone.

"Hi, Daddy, it's Jennifer," I said.

"Hello Jenn. How are you?"

"I'm okay, just tired."

"How was school, baby?"

I smiled. "Baby" was my nickname. Daddy only called me that. He didn't call Robin, "baby". "It was good, Daddy. Daddy? When're you coming home? I'm bored."

All of a sudden, I heard, "JENNIFER! ARE YOU ON THE TELEPHONE?" I was hoping Daddy hadn't heard. But I was wrong. Mommy yelled so loud, probably half the neighborhood heard.

Daddy said, "Jennifer, did Mommy tell you not to use the phone?"

"Not exactly, Daddy," I said, hedging a little.

Daddy was so smart. He could tell what I was doing. He said, "Oh? What "exactly" did she tell you?"

"Well, she told me to go take a nap, but I don't wanna."

"Jennifer, you did say you were tired. I think you need a nap. Why don't you lay down now? Then when you wake up, I'll be home."

"But, Daddy, I don't wanna!" I whined.

Daddy hates when we whine. I could tell he was losing his patience. "Jennifer! Put Mommy on the phone."

"But Daddy!"

"Now, young lady."

"Oh, all right." I put down the phone and went to get my mother. She was in their bedroom, folding laundry. "Mommy, Daddy asked you to pick up the phone."

Mommy looked at me. She was frowning. I could tell she was a little mad at me. You see, I was supposed to get permission before I used the phone. And she wasn't too happy since she had wanted me to lay down, as well.

Mommy picked up the phone in the bedroom, while I ran back to the kitchen. I picked up the phone just in time to hear Daddy ask, "Lisa, did you give Jennifer a clear order to lay down for a nap?"

"Yes, hon, I asked her to take a nap. She came home from school acting very cranky. I thought it would be a good idea for her to lay down, since we're going out tonight," Mommy said.

Daddy replied, "Well, it seems that she doesn't want to obey. Do you think she needs a spanking to help her go to sleep?"

Mommy said, "Hmmm, maybe."

I forgot that I wasn't supposed to be listening in and I yelled, "No, Mommy! No, Daddy! I'll go lie down right now. Okay? Please, Daddy! I'll be asleep when you get home and then you'll wake me, okay?"

Daddy chuckled a little bit. So did Mommy. I guess they realized I was listening in.

Then Daddy said, "Jennifer, if you had any good reason for arguing against what Mommy told you to do, besides 'I didn't wanna", you'd better tell me now."

I started to sob a little. I said, "No, Daddy, I have no excuse. Sorry."

Daddy said, "Then I think you have earned yourself a spanking for arguing instead of doing as you were told."

Now I was crying a lot. "Daddy, no! I'm sorry. I said I'd go lay down right now."

Mommy cut in, "Hon, she needs a nap now. I think we can discuss this when you get home. Jennifer, go put your pantsies on and lay down. Daddy and I will come in when he gets home."

I know I was supposed to hang up, but I stayed on to hear Daddy's reaction to what Mommy said. He sighed. Loud. I could hear him breathing. He said, "Okay, if you think she should nap first, we can discuss her behavior when I get home. I will be there soon."

Mommy said, "Okay, hon," and then hung up. I quickly replaced the receiver into the cradle and ran to my room. I put my pantsies on and got into bed. I heard Mommy come into my room a few minutes later, but I was almost asleep. I guess I had been pretty tired.

Next thing I knew, I heard Daddy's voice. "Baby, it is time for you to get up now."

I woke up sleepily, but when I saw him, I said, "Hi, Daddy."

"Hi Baby. Are you feeling less tired now?"

"Uh huh," I answered. Then I felt myself. "Daddy, I'm wet."

Damn! I hated wearing pantsies when I slept. Pantsies are these diaper-like things. You see, I still wet my bed. But only at night, or when I took naps. Well, sometimes I had daytime accidents too, but not too often. It was embarrassing knowing I was almost eight years old and still wet the bed. But Mommy and Daddy were pretty nice about it. They never got mad. Well, unless it wasn't an accident. Then they got real mad. But let's not get into that.

Daddy said, "Okay, let's get you changed."

He took my pantsies off and cleaned me up. He started to reach for another pair, but I put my hand out, and said, "No, Daddy, I don't need another one. I'm gonna stay up now!"

Daddy said, "Okay, for now. But maybe later when we go out, you'll put another pair on. We don't want any accidents while we're out."

I made a face. Somehow I would get out of wearing them out. But for now, all I said, was, "Okay, Daddy." Then I thought of something. "Daddy? Can I get a big soda and popcorn at the movies?"

Daddy started to frown. "Well, maybe not the very big size, but I think a soda and popcorn would be all right. You will have to share the popcorn with your sister, though."

"Okay, Daddy." Now I knew I should have just kept quiet and not brought this up, but it was bugging me. "Um, Daddy? About before? With the phone? Are you gonna spank me?" I asked, hesitantly.

Then Daddy said something that was music to my ears. "No Jennifer. Mommy and I decided that this time you will get off with a warning. But remember, we expect you to do as you are told. If you have a problem with what Mommy tells you, you could say so, but not keep arguing or say 'I don't want to'. Understand?"

I nod my head. "Yes, Daddy, yes, I love you," I said, throwing my arms around him and hugging him. I was so relieved that I wouldn't have to sit in the movies on a sore bottom.

Daddy hugged me back. I felt so secure whenever he put his big arms around me. He said, "I love you, too, baby. Now be a good girl for us this evening, Okay?"

"I will, Daddy, I promise." And I did mean it, at the time I said it. But I'm a little girl, and you know how little girls and promises are.

"Charlie! Jennifer! Dinner's on the table," Mommy called from the kitchen.

We walked into the kitchen. The table was all set, and Mommy was putting the food out.

Then Mommy said, "Hon, look how nicely Robin set the table."

I looked at my sister. She waved at me. I just nodded at her. I didn't even know she had come home from her play date.

I looked at Daddy looking at the table. He was smiling. He said, "Oh yes. Thank you for being such a big helper, Robin." Then to Mommy he said, "This looks good, honey. Thank you."

Good helper? Please, what'd she do, put a few forks and plates on a table? Anyone can do that. I would have, if I hadn't been sent to take a nap. Daddy was grinning like Robin had just discovered the cure for cancer.

"Thanks, Daddy!" I heard Robin say. Then I saw her reach up her hands to Daddy for a hug. I don't know what came over me, but I just started feeling really jealous. I did something that I shouldn't have. I stuck my foot out, causing my sister to trip on her way to hug Daddy. Then I turned around, and tried to act all innocent, hoping no one noticed.

Unfortunately, Daddy saw me. He frowned. He picked Robin up and cradled her in his arms. He hugged her tight. Just seeing that, made me feel really bad. When he put Robin down, he said, "Jennifer! That was absolutely out of line. You do NOT trip your sister!"

And he gave me one smack to the seat of my pants.

"Ow, Daddy! I didn't mean it. It was an accident. I didn't see her!" I whined.

That alone could have been my death sentence. Daddy absolutely hated when we whined. But I think he overlooked my tone of voice to react to what I actually said.

Daddy said, "It didn't look like an accident to me. And didn't you just promise to be good tonight, Jennifer?"

"Yes, Daddy."

Daddy kneeled down and looked me straight into the eye. "Do you want to revise that story, young lady?"

I shook my head no. "No, Daddy, really, it was an accident. I didn't notice that Robin was going to cross my way. I didn't seeeeeeee!" I cried.

Daddy turned to Mommy and asked, "Lisa, did you see? It looked pretty deliberate to me."

Mommy came over then. "No, hon, I'm sorry, I was putting the food on the table." She put her hand on Daddy's arm and said, "Let's eat now, Charlie, before all this gets cold. Okay? Come on, let's have a peaceful night for once."

Daddy sighed again. Loudly, again. Boy, I never noticed how loud my daddy sighed. He said, "Okay, Jennifer, tell your sister that you're sorry, and then we'll eat."

I looked at Robin. "Sorry!" I spat out. I knew I shouldn't have pushed it, but I wasn't ready to give in.

Mommy said, "Jennifer! Say it like you mean it, or go to your room."

I looked at Mommy. I was mad. Here she was, taking Robin and Daddy's side. "Fine!" I ran to my room and slammed the door. Which was a big no-no around my place. I waited. Daddy didn't come to my room. I was surprised. What I didn't know was that Mommy had put her hand on Daddy's arm and stopped him from coming after me.

I heard Daddy say, "Okay, Lisa, Robin, let's eat. Jennifer can come out when she is ready to apologize properly."

I couldn't believe it. I had only slammed the door 'cause I knew I would get Daddy's attention, good or bad. And now, he didn't come. Well, I would change that. I yelled, "I'm never gonna!" Then, I opened the door again and slammed it again. I knew that would make him come.

I heard Daddy say, "Okay, Honey, you and Robin have a nice meal. Don't wait for me. It seems I have a naughty little girl to deal with."

I cringed when I heard that last part. Oh, I would be getting the attention I wanted. Of course, now I would pay the price, with a sore bottom.

Daddy came into my room. He said, "You are in big trouble, young lady."

I cried, "NO! I'm sorry!" and then cried into my pillow. Daddy came over to my bed and sat down. When he tried to touch me, I just pulled away and sobbed.

Daddy reached out and held me in a confining hug, until I quieted down a bit. I finally turned so that it was a real hug and held on tightly.

I sobbed, "I'm sorry, Daddy. You were right, I did mean to do it. It was bad. I know that. It's just that I felt so, so..." I let my voice trail off.

Daddy softened a little, and said, "Yes, Jennifer? Tell me how you felt, please."

I looked up at Daddy and said, "I felt, I felt so jealous. I mean, you and I had just been together alone. I guess I wasn't ready to share you with Robin. I didn't want you to HUG her. I wanted you all to myself. Daddy, it's hard sharing you." I began to cry again.

Daddy pulled me into his lap, but turned me so that I could see his face. "I'm sorry, Jennifer, but you know I love you, AND I love your sister, too. I hugged you in here when you woke up. Your sister didn't share that hug. You will both get love --and hugs-- from me all the time. I do not love you any less because I also love Robin, Understand?"

I did understand. I mean, I had been a twin now for over seven years. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. I said, "Yes, Daddy, but it's hard sometimes. It's hard to watch you hugging Robin sometimes. I know it's shel, uh, shelfish, uh,"

I looked at Daddy to help me with the word. He said, "Selfish?"

"Yeah, that's it. I know it's selfish, but I want you all to myself," I continued. "I can't help how I feel sometimes. Usually I don't feel this way, and I love, well, I don't mind sharing things with Robin. Are you very angry?"

Daddy said, "Well, Jennifer, it's okay to be upset, even to be upset with your sister. It is not okay to be rude, or to slam doors, or to lie, or to trip your sister. She could have fallen and been really hurt, you know."

I said, "I know. I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm ready to apologize to Robin, for real." I began to stand up, but Daddy pulled me back down.

He said, "That's good, but now we have a couple of other things to discuss, don't we? Do you have anything to say for yourself about slamming the door, and lying about tripping Robin?"

I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. I tried, "Cause I was feeling bad?"

You couldn't pull one over on my dad, though. He said, "Nice try, Jennifer. Feeling bad does not allow you to break the rules. I am going to spank you for what you did. Maybe next time you feel bad, you will try to remember the rules and obey them."

"Daddy! NO! I said I was sorrrrry!" I whined. I knew I wouldn't get out of my impending spanking, but I had to try anyway.

Daddy picked me up off his lap and set me on the floor. He pulled down my pants, but not my panties, and laid me over his lap. Thinking I was really gonna get it, I started to kick, and my pants went flying. Daddy gave me ten hard smacks on each cheek, then let me up.

I was surprised. No, more like shocked. "Is that it, Daddy?" I knew I shouldn't have asked. I mean, why look a gift horse like this in the mouth? Whatever that meant.

Daddy said, "Yes, I was going a little easy because you were feeling bad, and because tonight is supposed to be a fun night and I didn't want to spoil it. I am also skipping the mouth wash you really should have had." Daddy paused to look at me. I was still shocked that I had gotten off that lightly. Then he continued, "But, that is your last warning tonight, Jennifer. If you act up or misbehave again, you are getting a real big spanking. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," I answered, still in shock.

"Now go out there and apologize to your sister and to Mommy for what you did, Okay?"

"Okay, Daddy, I will." Then I hugged him again. "And thank you for not canceling the movie tonight."

I skipped out to the kitchen, in only my t-shirt and panties. I guess I had forgotten to find my pants. I said sorry to both Mommy and Robin. Then Daddy joined me in the kitchen, holding out my pants for me. I giggled and put them on. Mommy heated up both our dinners and we ate.

Part II

A while later, Daddy called out, "Girls, it's time to go. Jennifer, please put on your pantsies; we don't want any accidents, and it can be hard to get up in the middle of a movie."

"OH, Daddy! Do I hafta?" I cried.

Daddy said, "You did ask for a soda at the movie, didn't you, Jennifer? I think you had better wear them. So yes, you have to. Now scoot."

I started to protest, but then decided it was not in my best interest. I walked slowly to my bedroom and reluctantly put them on. When I came out, Daddy patted me down to see if I had done what I was told.

I did not like that at all. "Daddy! I put them on. Pleeeease!"

Daddy said, "Yes, but you have been known to leave them off in the past. Let's forget about it and have a good time, Okay?"

"Okay," I said reluctantly.

We went down in the elevator and got into the car. Mommy handed Robin and I each a sweater, because we always get cold in the theatre. On the way there, Daddy gave us rules.

"Now remember, Robin, Jennifer, I expect you to behave yourselves in the movies. No talking while the movie is on, no getting up unless you have to, and no Fighting. You will each get a soda, but you will share a box of popcorn, and you are to share nicely. Do you understand?" Daddy said sternly.

"Yes, Daddy," Robin said sweetly. Oh yuck! She could be so sickingly sweet sometimes. She and I and Daddy all knew that those rules were for me, and not for her. Robin almost never misbehaved, I thought to myself.

"Yes, Daddy," I echoed her. He seemed satisfied.

Then Mommy added her two cents worth. "But, Charlie, no coke..they'll be up all night."

"Right. Only sprite or orange soda, no coke. Now come on, let's enjoy the evening."

Daddy took my hand and Mommy took Robin's hand. Then Daddy and Mommy held hands and we walked inside. We were seeing the latest Disney film: The Prince of Egypt.

While we waited for Daddy to pay for the tickets, Robin and I looked at all the movie posters. I saw one for some sleazy R rated movie and asked if we could go see that one instead.

I was sort of just joking, but Daddy answered me anyway. "No, Jennifer. That is only for older people, and I don't think you would enjoy it anyway. But even if you would, the answer is no."

"Okay, Daddy."

We went inside and we got on line for popcorn. I looked at the different assortments of candy and said, "OOH, Daddy, can we get Goobers, too?"

"No, I think soda and popcorn are enough -- I don't want you bouncing off the walls, or sick to your stomach."

Now I couldn't just take no for an answer. I was still pushing that envelope. I said, "But Pleeeease, Daddy! I won't get sick, I promise."

Mommy scolded me. "Jennifer! No! Daddy said no! Now stop it right now. You should be glad that we even agreed to come after your behavior earlier."

How dare she say that! "Mommy! That's not fair!" I ran up to Daddy and cried against him. "Daddy, tell Mommy that's not fair."

Daddy picked me up and let me cry against his shoulder. "Jennifer, Mommy didn't say that you couldn't come, only that you should be glad that you CAME. Now you need to calm down, so we can enjoy our night out." He handed me his handkerchief and I blew my nose.

Daddy put me back down and handed me my soda. Then he took my hand and led me into the theatre. Mommy was still holding Robin's hand. We found seats toward the front. I sat next to Daddy and Robin. On the other side of Robin was Mommy. I think Daddy wanted to sit next to me to keep an eye on me. But I didn't care; I was kind of mad at Mommy anyway.

Robin and I each put our soda in our cupholders. We held the popcorn between us. Then the movie started. I let Robin hold the popcorn for awhile, and I leaned in and took a few handfuls. Then I held the box for awhile. At one point, she tried to take it back from me, but I didn't want her to, so I shoved her.

"OW!" she cried. Oh, please! I didn't shove her that hard. I looked up at Daddy, but luckily for me, he hadn't seen me do it. But Robin told him I did.

Very quietly but sharply, Daddy warned me, "Jennifer! Do not shove your sister. Is there a problem we need to go home and sort out?"

"NO! I didn't touch her, Daddy. She tried to grab the popcorn and it almost spilled, and I just righted it. Maybe she *thought* I shoved her," I said, almost believing the tale myself.

"Okay, Jennifer. Be careful. Remember to SHARE the popcorn. Let Robin take some, now!" Daddy suggested.

Very sweetly I handed the popcorn to Robin. She just glared at me. After awhile, I asked for it back and she gave it to me. She really is a nice sister. It's too bad I had such mad feelings toward her at times.

I tried to watch the movie, but it was boring, and I was getting restless.

"Daddy? I need to go to the bathroom," I whispered.

"Okay, get up and go quietly. Try not to bother the other people too much. It is out the door and on your right, remember?"

"I know where it is. Okay, be right back."

I ran out and looked around the lobby. There wasn't too much going on. I decided I'd better really use the bathroom, so I went. When I came out, I peeked back into our theater. The movie looked boring, so I decided to see what else was playing. We were at a multiplex, so there were a bunch of different movies playing.

All of a sudden, I saw the movie that we had seen the poster for. Well, what can it hurt if I just took a peek inside? I stuck my head in, but an usher led me right out.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" he boomed.

* * *

Back inside the movie, Daddy was getting worried about how long I was taking. He told me this later. He sent Mommy to look for me in the ladies' room, but obviously I was not there. Then he came looking for me himself. Unfortunately for me, he ran into the same usher who had led me out of the R-rated movie.

Daddy asked him if he had seen me. He said he described me to the guy.

The usher said, "Oh, yes, sir. We found one trying to sneak into an R rated movie. We have her in the back office. She wouldn't tell us which theater her parents were in. We figured the Disney movie, and it's almost over, so we thought we'd just wait it out. Come with me. She's quite the little pip...she wouldn't tell us her name or anything."

Daddy came to the back office where I was sitting. When I looked up and saw him, I wanted to jump into his arms because I was a little scared. But then I saw his face and got scared that I was in big trouble, so I didn't know what to do. Neither of us spoke for a moment. Then Daddy asked why I didn't tell them my name and I explained that I know I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Daddy chuckled when I said that. *I* didn't find it so funny. He said, "And you also know that you're not supposed to disappear. Well, we'll get to that in a moment. Jennifer, you know the rule about strangers doesn't apply to people who are in authority, or running the place, like a police officer, or these nice men here. I can see we'll need to talk about that later."

"Yes, Daddy," I said, hanging my head. I knew I was in big trouble.

Then Daddy said, "Now, tell me, Jennifer Lynn, why did you try to go into the other movie after I told you NO when you asked to see it?"

I shrugged my shoulders. I didn't really have a good reason, so I just said, "Um, I don't know."

"Jennifer, you know that that is NOT an acceptable answer."

"Yes, Daddy. I guess I was just curious. I just wanted to see what the big deal was. But I didn't seeee anything, Daddy," I whined.

Daddy just frowned. "Okay, but you knew you were doing something I would not approve of, right? And you know the rule is ALWAYS that if you are going somewhere, we need to know and approve, right?"

I put my head down again. I knew he was right. "Yes, sir. I know. I'm sorry. I guess you're kind of mad at me, huh? But Daddy! That movie was so boring! I couldn't stay in there another second. And I didn't lie to you, I really did have to go to the bathroom," I added for good measure. "And then, well, I just, thought I'd take a little walk before I went back. But then this guy brought me here, and well . . ." I looked up at Daddy and he was frowning. "I guess I AM in big trouble."

"Your little walk was about to head into the showing of "The Midnight Slasher". Am I correct? For which we hadn't paid, and which I told you not to see, right?"

"Yes, sir, but I wasn't gonna stay, I was just gonna peek."

"Then, yes, you are in trouble. Even peeking is a no-no. Do you understand why?"

I tried looking up with my puppy dog eyes, but as soon as I saw Daddy's face, I knew it wouldn't work. "Cause I didn't tell you where I was going? And I did something you told me not to?"

Just then, the usher came back and said, "Uh, sir, your movie is letting out now . . . just thought I'd let you know."

Daddy turned to him and said, "Thank you. And thanks for taking care of my daughter." To me, he said, "Come, Jennifer, let's find Mommy and Robin. We will discuss this some more at home."

Yeah, discuss. I know what Daddy meant by "discuss". He would discuss what I did wrong with his hand hitting my backside.

Daddy took my hand and we waited in the main lobby for Mommy and Robin to come out.

"Daddy! Daddy! You missed the end. It was really good. Hey, Jenn, you missed the best part, when the river opens up, and then..."

"Robin, I thought you had to go to the bathroom? Come on, honey, before there's a big line," Mommy said. To Daddy she said, "I see you found her. We'll be right back. Come along, Robin."

Daddy and I waited for Mommy and Robin. I tried to make myself invisible so Daddy wouldn't have to keep glowering at me. I knew that I had done a bad thing. Daddy was probably regretting ever having taken me out tonight.

When Mommy and Robin came back, we all held hands and walked back to the car. Usually on the way home after a movie, we all told what our favorite part was. This time, we didn't. Mommy and Daddy were talking quietly in the front seat. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I just know it was about me.

Then Robin said, "You know what my favorite part was?"

Mommy turned in her seat and frowned. "Not now, Robin."

I looked at my sister. She started to pout. I felt kind of bad for her. It wasn't her fault that I had screwed up and ruined the evening. Mommy must have sensed or seen Robin's face, 'cause then she said, "Honey, you can tell us when we tuck you in tonight, okay? Right now, Daddy and I have to talk. Okay, Robin?"

"Okay," my sister said sadly.

Oh no! I had to pee. I looked out the window to try to see if we were almost home. We had gone to the movies by the mall, which was a good twenty to twenty five minutes from our house. We were on the parkway, and I had no idea if we were close or not.

I dreaded talking to Daddy, so I said, "Mommy?"

"What is it, Jennifer?" she asked, sounding angry.

"Mommy, I have to go potty," I said, kind of in a baby voice. I was tired, and getting cranky. Whenever I get like that, I start to talk in baby words.

"Oh, Jenn!" Mommy said. She looked out the window. I guess she was trying to figure out how close we were. "We'll be home in ten minutes. Try to hold it, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy," I said. I knew this wasn't ladylike, but I put my hand between my legs to try to hold it in. I knew I had my pantsies on, but I was already in enough trouble, I didn't want to add this to it. I mean, if I did wet myself, I wouldn't get into any more trouble, but it wouldn't help matters any, either. Besides, maybe if I showed Daddy I was a big girl by holding it in, he would go easier on me. And then again, maybe not, but it was worth a try!

Then something unexpected happened. Robin reached over and took my other hand and held it. When I looked over at her, she was smiling. I smiled back. She really was a good sister. It really meant a lot to me to have her on my side. We held hands until we pulled into the parking lot outside our apartment complex.

Going up in the elevator seemed like an eternity to me. I had to go real bad. Daddy didn't even look at me. He was probably thinking about how hard he was going to spank me. Mommy didn't say anything either. Robin put out her hand again, and I took it and squeezed it. If Mommy or Daddy noticed us holding hands, they didn't say anything.

As soon as Daddy opened the door, I ran in and used the bathroom. Ahhhhh!

When I came out, I had on just my t-shirt. I didn't bother pulling up my pants, 'cause I knew where I was going, I didn't need them. In fact, I put my pants in the hamper. Mommy and Daddy were sure to think that was very responsible of me.

Mommy said, "Robin, please get undressed and ready for bed. We will be in, in a little while to tuck you in."

Daddy said to me, "Come on, young lady. We have things to discuss."

Yeah, discuss. There was that word again.

I followed Daddy into his bedroom. "Uh, Daddy?"

"Yes, Jennifer?"

"Are you proud of me for not wetting my pants?"

Daddy must have known how important his answer was to me, because he picked me up and held me for a few minutes. He said, "Yes, Jennifer, I am. I know it is hard for you to hold it sometimes. I am very glad you didn't need your pantsies, even though I insisted you wear them. That is a very good thing you did tonight."

I felt a little better. But then Daddy put me back down and said, "But now we need to discuss the other things you did . . ."

"Yes, Daddy," I said as I hung my head. Again.

Daddy put his finger under my chin and lifted my face so I was looking right at him. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, and I was standing facing him.

"Do you know what you did wrong, Jennifer?"

I looked over at Mommy. She was sitting on the bed next to Daddy. Both of them were waiting for an answer. "Yes, sir. Do I have to say it, Daddy?"

"Yes, you do, Jennifer. I want to be sure that we have the same understanding. Plus, saying it helps make it real to you and helps remind you what not to do another time."

"Okay. I disobeyed you by going into that movie you told me not to. And I disappeared without telling you where I was going. Happy?"

"I don't like your tone, young lady. I am not happy about this at all, and you are not going to be either. You forgot several things. You also wouldn't tell the ushers where you belonged, which made me get up and look for you. You also fought with Robin over the popcorn, after I told you at the start to share nicely. You also whined about candy," Daddy sounded as though he would never stop.

I interrupted and whined (two no-no's), "But Daaaaddddddy!"

"Jennifer! No whining! If you have something to say, say it politely."

"I'm afraid if I open my mouth, I'll just get into more trouble . . . what I really want to do is scream and yell and kick my feet, but then you would be even more angry with me . . . I know it's late, Daddy, Mommy. But could I just have a few minutes to myself to sort things out?"

I had never asked for something like this before. I had my hands clenched and I felt so angry, that my first impulse was to throw myself on the floor and have an all out temper tantrum. But I know from watching Robin and from past experience of my own, that that would only make things worse.

I waited for Daddy to answer me.

He seemed to take me very seriously. Finally he answered, "Okay. You may have a few minutes. Mommy and I will step outside to talk while you "sort things out."

As soon as they left, I laid down on their bed, and punched the pillow with my hands, and kicked my feet, as quietly as I could. I was already crying, and sobbing into the pillow, hoping to muffle the sounds. Oh, how do I get myself into these things?

The next thing I knew, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought it was Mommy, but when I looked up, I saw my sister. Robin had slipped into the room, unnoticed by Mommy and Daddy.

She said, "Are you okay, Jenn?"

I shook my head from side to side. Then she motioned for me to lean over, and she gave me a big hug. It was special. It felt very nice. Then I felt eyes on me. I looked up. Mommy and Daddy were watching us from the doorway.

They came over to the bed and joined us in the hug. It became a four-way hug.

Then Daddy spoke. He said, "Jennifer, we may be upset at what you did, but we love you very much. We always will, no matter what. This has been a hard evening for you, I think. I'm not quite sure why. Is there anything you'd like to talk about?"

"No, Daddy," I mumbled into his chest. I was holding on for dear life, and felt like I never wanted to let go. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I kind of felt scared and alone but also safe and loved at the same time. It was a strange feeling. I was already crying very hard, and I hadn't even been spanked yet.

Daddy hugged me back, as tight as he could. I think he waited until I calmed down. When I finally felt a little better, I asked if I could go wash my face.

Daddy said I could. I also asked if Robin could come and he said yes.

When we got in the bathroom, I washed my face and turned to Robin. "I just wanted to thank you for earlier in the car, and just now. I'm sorry I was mean to you before."

Robin smiled. "It's okay, Jenn. I love you."

"I love you, too, Robin."

Robin gave me a big hug and wished me good luck. I went back to the bedroom and Mommy and Daddy were sitting on the bed waiting for me. I wiped the last of my tears off my face, even though I knew I would have fresh ones in a few minutes.

Daddy asked, "Are you all right now?" I nodded. "Okay, Jennifer. You know what's going to happen now, right?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Okay then," he said as he took me over his lap. My bottom was already bare. Wasn't that nice of me to make it so convenient for him? Daddy started to spank me. While he spanked, he lectured me.

<Smack> "You will not <Smack> run off <Smack> when I don't know <Smack> where you are." <Smack>

"Okay, Daddy," I said. Daddy liked it when you answered him during his lectures. It made him think you were listening and making whatever he said sink in.

He continued, <Smack> "When I tell you <Smack> 'NO' about something, <Smack> you will not go behind my back, <Smack> or try to do it anyway. <Smack> <Smack> You will not <Smack> fight with your sister <Smack> particualrly when <Smack> we told you to be nice." <Smack>

"Okay, Daddy, Robin and I made up. We're friends again. Please, it hurts!"

"I'm glad you made up. That is good. <Smack> A spanking <Smack> is supposed to hurt, <Smack> Jennifer. <Smack> You will not whine. <Smack> You will not <Smack> make problems <Smack> for people in charge <Smack> when you can avoid it. <Smack>"

"Okaaaaaaay, Daddddddy!"

<Smack> <Smack> <Smack> <Smack>

"Okay, Jennifer, your spanking is over." Finally.

I just laid there, over my daddy's lap, crying my eyes out. Then he pulled me up and let me cry over his shoulder. Mommy came over, and stroked my back. I couldn't see her face, but she had tears in her eyes.

Daddy hugged me and let me cry until I recovered a little bit.

When I came to my senses, I pushed him away and cried, "Daddy! That hurt!" I got off his lap and climbed into Mommy's lap. She cuddled me and looked at Daddy, helpless.

He must have been hurt. I didn't realize then how much it hurt a daddy to punish his daughter. He said, "I'm sorry if you thought the spanking was too hard, but what you did was very wrong, and as we have explained to you before, going off where we don't know about can be dangerous. I have to spank hard to be SURE you will remember this another time. Do you understand, Jennifer?"

"Yes, Daddy, I know!" I cried. I held onto Mommy even tighter, and then Daddy leaned over and hugged me, too. I knew he had a hard job with me, and I let him hug me again.

Daddy hugged me firmly and said, "I love you very much, Jennifer. That is why I have to punish you when you do something wrong -- so you will learn better. I would like nothing more than to never need to spank you again. You know that, deep inside, don't you, Jenn? Baby?"

"Yes, Daddy. I wish you never had to spank me again, too." Then, all of a sudden, I got so tired. I asked, "Could I go to bed now?"

Mommy stood up and picked me up. "Okay, honey, come, let's get you washed and brushed. Then into PJ's. Daddy will come and help me tuck you in in a few minutes. That okay, Charlie?"

I could tell Daddy tried to smile. "Yes indeed. I think it's been a long day for all of us."

Mommy helped me get washed and brushed. I used the toilet and she put me in my pantsies and my pajamas. I wore my favorite rainbow ones with the feet.

A few minutes later Daddy came into our room to say good night to both of us. He tucked me in and kissed my forehead. Then he tucked Robin in. She asked then if she could tell us her favorite part of the movie. Both Mommy and Daddy chuckled. I relaxed under the covers, thinking maybe everything was back to normal. Daddy said, "Okay, Robin. But don't take all night, okay?" He sounded tired.

Robin smiled. She said, "Okay, my favorite part was when they were little, and Ramasees and Moses were friends. That was short, right, Daddy?"

Daddy smiled again. "Yes Robin. That was nice and short. We can talk longer about it tomorrow if you want. Now I see two good little girls who need to go to sleep. Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite."

I looked at Robin and we together we both said, "but if they do, take your shoe and beat them til they're black and blue."

It was a family ritual to say those lines. Either Mommy or Daddy would start it and we would finish it, or we would start and they would finish it. Sometimes Daddy said the wrong thing. I think he knows it, but does that sometimes to see if we're paying attention. This time we all laughed.

Mommy left the room, turning on the nightlight as she went out. Daddy was about to close the door behind him, but I called him back. "Daddy?"

He came back. "Yes, Jennifer?"

I held my arms out for one last hug and he complied.

"I love you, Daddy. I'm sorry I was so much trouble today. I didn't mean it," I said quietly.

"That's okay, Baby. Sometimes it works out that way. I know you don't mean to act naughty but sometimes you do. Then you get punished, and it's all over and done with. Now sleep well. Good Night. I love you."

"Good night," I said, as I fell asleep. You told me later I was asleep before you even closed the door.

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