Family Picnic

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Disclaimer: This story goes into details about a little girl's bathroom habits, or lack there of, so if that makes you squeamish, do not read. It also has the spanking of said minor, so if that is not your thing, please read no further. The author in no way encourages the spanking of minors in real life. As always, comments are always welcome. c1999 Sampast.

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"Robin! Jennifer! Are you girls ready for the picnic?"

"Yes, Daddy," Robin answers.

"Yes, Daddy," Jennifer says.

"Okay, good. Jennifer. Come, let's get your pantsies on. We don't want to have any accidents at the park."

"No, Daddy! I don't wanna."

"Jennifer! I don't want to hear you whine, and I don't want any accidents today. Now when you can show me you can go a whole day without wetting yourself, I won't make you wear them. Now, come here quickly and let me put them on you."

"NO!" Jennifer starts to run away, but Charlie grabs her. He puts her down on his bed and fastens the diaper-like garment on her.

"Jennifer! You do NOT tell me "NO" or try to run away. Is that clear, young lady? Now we are short on time, but any more misbehavior and you are getting a spanking."

Jennifer says, "Daddy! NO! I'm sorry! Okaaaay!"

"Okay then. Robin, are you ready to go?" Charlie asks, going into the kitchen to check on the picnic basket.

Robin answers, "Yes, Daddy. Daddy? Is Lisa coming, too?"

Thinking about his future wife, he answers, "Yes, we will meet her at the park,and have a nice time, all four of us together."

Jennifer exclaims, "Daddy, I don't like her. I don't want her to come with us!"

Charlie frowns. They haven't told the girls yet about their engagement. But it would be soon. He says to Jennifer, "I'm sorry you don't like Lisa, Jenn, but she is my friend and you will be polite to her. I think she is a very nice person and you might get to like her if you give her a chance. Besides, she is very special to me."

Jennifer cries, "Do I hafta?"

"Yes, Jennifer Lynn, you have to be polite. And you have to curb that mouth, unless you want a soaping. Understand?"

Jennifer pouts and stomps her foot. "Uh huh. Can we go already?"

Charlie turns her around and gives her one healthy swat on her seat. "You'd better watch it, young lady. I don't think I like your attitude. Okay, let's go."

Charlie locks the apartment door behind them and they get into the car. They drive the short distance to the park. Once there, the twins start to run for the swings but their dad grabs them and pulls them back, to give rules.

Charlie reminds them, "Remember, you must stay within sight, and no going anywhere without permission. You will play nicely and behave yourselves, and come when called, the first time. Is that clear?" He pauses. Both twins nod. "Now where did you want to go?"

Jennifer exclaims, "I wanna go down the slide."

Of course, Robin says, "I wanna go on the swings. Look, Daddy, there's Lisa." She points her out to her dad.

Charlie smiles as he sees Lisa. "Okay, you may go to either the slide or the swings, whatever you want. As long as I can see you." He calls out to Lisa, "Over here, hon!"

Lisa comes over, and Robin and Jenn run off to the swings and slide. Robin calls Lisa over to push her. Jenn goes down the slide. But she decides that it isn't any fun with her pantsies on; it feels too thick.

She goes up to Charlie, "Daddy, may I go use the bathroom over there? I can go by myself."

Charlie is surprised. "Okay, Jennifer. If you don't need my help, that's good. I'm glad you are paying attention."

Just then, Lisa comes over to Charlie and gives him a big hug.

He says, "Hello, honey, how are you today? Thanks for joining us. The girls were looking forward to this."

Jennifer scrunches up her nose at her dad's statement, but thankfully, he doesn't see it. "Okay, Daddy, be right back." Jenn feels she is being very sneaky. She goes into the bathroom and pulls off her pantsies and throws them into the garbage. Now she has no underwear on at all.

Lisa smiles and says, "Glad to be here. Where did Jenn go?"

Charlie looks toward the public bathrooms, and says, "She just went to the bathroom, on her own. I think that is a very good sign. You remember she still has problems in that area."

Lisa nods and says, "Yes, I remember that all too well."

"Daddy! Come push me!" Robin yells from the swings.

Charlie kisses Lisa again, and whispers, "Be right back."

Lisa sits down on a park bench and watches the man she loves and plans to marry. Silently, she thinks back to a few months before when she had to pick up Robin from kindergarten. She had made in her pants and they couldn't get ahold of Charlie. He had made a big deal that Robin never had accidents; it was Jennifer who had the problem. Now, Lisa didn't know too many kids, but she never knew any kids who had so many bathroom problems. Lisa had only one sister, Joan, and neither of them had had any problems growing up.

But she loved Charlie. And she loved his girls. She would just have to deal with things as they came. Lisa was only 26. She had no children of her own yet. She couldn't wait to marry Charlie and have an instant family. Some day, they would have children together. But for now, two five-year-old twins would be plenty to keep them busy.

And also, Charlie and Lisa had the same views on discipline, which was good. She and Joan had been raised by a very strict set of parents. They were both spanked, well into their teens. She and Charlie had discussed how he dealt with the twins. He had told her about spanking them and washing their mouths out with soap when need be, and she had agreed those were two good ways to deal with naughty children.

Just then, Charlie comes up behind Lisa and kisses the back of her neck. She jumps. "Ooh, hon, you scared me," she says turning around and kissing him on the mouth.

"You were deep in thought, there, miss. Penny for your thoughts?" Charlie asks her.

"Only a penny?" Lisa laughs. Charlie laughs, too.

Jennifer runs back over, and says, "Daddy, I'm back, will you catch me at the bottom of the slide?"

Charlie smiles and says, "Okay, Baby, here I am! Come to Daddy!"

Jennifer yells, "Wheeeeee!" as she goes down the slide.

Charlie laughs and says, "Okay, up you go again, There."

Jennifer does this several more times. Each time Charlie catches her at the bottom. Then he tells her to go play something else while he and Lisa sit on the picnic blanket. He also tells her that they will eat in a little while. Jennifer joins Robin in the sandbox.

Charlie and Lisa sit on the picnic blanket talking, while keeping an eye on the kids.

After a while of playing in the sandbox, Jennifer starts to cry. Robin doesn't know why, so she runs to Charlie and tells him. Charlie goes over to the sandbox and Jennifer is sitting there crying. He carries her over to the blanket, and that's when he realizes she's soaking wet.

Charlie puts her down and says, "Jennifer, what happened? You just went to the bathroom, so how could you have wet right through your pantsies?"

Jennifer just stands there. Charlie looks around and sees that no one else is around. He pulls down her pants and sees what the reason is. Jenn is crying. Then she pees some more right where she's standing. Charlie becomes really angry!

Charlie roars, "Jennifer! You deliberately disobeyed me by taking your pantsies off, didn't you? That was a very naughty thing to do. You are in trouble, young lady."

Charlie is about to take Jennifer over his lap, when she declares, "Uh oh,Daddy, I feel a B.M. coming," and points to her rear end.

Charlie reacts quickly. He says, "Oh My!" and grabs a fresh diaper from the bag and puts it under her.

Jennifer makes into it, crying all the while.

Charlie sighs. He was glad Lisa had taken Robin back to the sandbox and hadn't witnessed this. He knew that he was asking a lot of his fiancee to bring up his five year-old twins. And it didn't help that Jennifer was barely toilet trained.

"What came over you, Jennifer? Well, before we get into that, let's get you cleaned up."

He picks up the diaper bag, and Jennifer, and takes off for the park bathroom. Jennifer cries the whole way, saying over and over how sorry she is.

She tries to explain. "It was uncomfortable on the slide. I didn't know!"

Charlie tells her, "You are going to be much sorrier. I told you to wear them, and I told you why, and I expect you to listen to me."

They reach the bathroom. Thankfully, it has a changing table. Charlie puts Jennifer down and wipes her up.

Again, she says, "I'm sorry, Daddy. Please don't be mad."

After Charlie finishes cleaning her, he brings her into the stall and plops her down on the toilet. "Now finish going if you still need to, young lady."

Jennifer tries, but nothing happens. She's still crying. She sobs out, "No, Daddy, don't hafta. I'm really sorry, please!"

Charlie waits a moment more to be sure. Then, he hauls her up, sits down on the lid, turns her over, and places her over his knee. "Not as sorry as you're going to be."

Jennifer cries out, "Daddy! No! I'm sorry! It was a accident."

Charlie begins Jennifer's spanking. "I am not spanking you for making in your pants, Jennifer, and you know that. But, <Smack> taking off your <Smack> pantsies <Smack> was not an accident. <Smack> Disobeying <Smack> me <Smack> was not <Smack> an accident. <Smack> That is what <Smack> you are <Smack> being spanked <Smack> for, young lady." <Smack>

Jennifer howls, "OW! I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't meant to do it, WAAAAAH!"

The spanking continues. <Smack> "Don't lie to me, <Smack> Jennifer. <Smack> You did <Smack> mean to take your pantsies off, <Smack> didn't you?" <Smack>

Jennifer tries to nod, although in this position, it's hard. "Yes, sir, I did, but just because it was umcomfurtible goin' down the slide. I didn't meanta make in my pants. I sorry."

<Smack> <Smack> <Smack> "That's why Smack> you wear them, so you won't <Smack> have accidents. <Smack> And anyway, <Smack> I told <Smack> you <Smack> to wear them." <Smack>

Jennifer cries, "I know. I sorrrrrrrrry!" <Smack> <Smack> <Smack> <Smack> <Smack>

Charlie finally stops the spanking. "Okay, your spanking is over." He rubs her bottom for a few minutes. Then he sits her up and lets her cry over his shoulder. He rubs her back and comforts her, as she continues to sob. "There, there. It's okay, now. Shhhhh!"

Charlie stands up with Jennifer in his arms. They go out of the stall. He puts her back on the changing table and reaches into the diaper bag and pulls out a fresh diaper. "Okay, let's get your fresh pantsies on."

Jennifer cries, "Daddy! NO! My tushie hurts too much. OW, it hurts!"

Charlie says, "Well, that's what happens when you disobey me, Jennifer." He puts the pantsies on her and tapes them shut. Then he puts a new pair of shorts on her.

Jennifer cries, "OW! NO! DADDY! I sorry, please!"

Charlie picks her up and holds her. He whispers, "There, there, Jennifer. Your spanking is all over. It's okay."

Charlie continues to hug her and let her cry. Jennifer puts her arms around his neck and hangs there, loosely, crying. He knows the storm will pass soon.

Finally, Jennifer pulls away and looks up at her daddy. "I really sorry, Daddy. Do you forgive me? I won't let it happen again, I promise."

"Yes, I forgive you, baby. But no more swings or slide for you today. You will stay near the blanket with Lisa and me."

Jennifer just nods, knowing better than to argue. "Could we eat now, Daddy? I hungry."

Charlie picks Jennifer up and carries her back to the blanket. Lisa and Robin are not there. They look and see them on the swings. Both of them. Jenn laughs when she sees a grownup on the swings.

Charlie says, "Okay, Baby, why don't you stretch out on your tummy and relax? We'll eat as soon as Lisa and Robin come back." He then waves to Lisa and kind of motions for them to come back.

Jennifer lays down, and before Robin or Lisa even get back to the blanket, she is asleep. Charlie sighs and wonders what the rest of the day will bring.

Robin and Lisa run over to the blanket. They are laughing. Charlie puts his finger on his lips and points to Jennifer. He says, "Are you two hungry yet? She was, but she kind of conked out."

Lisa smiles and whispers, "No, we can wait a little while, huh, Robin?"

Robin laughs along with Lisa. "Yeah, I could wait. Daddy, guess what? Lisa's gonna help me make a sand castle. Wanna help, too?"

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