One of the awful night
The worst peace is better than any war
This horrible disaster we didn't deserve. Someone's absolute mistake.
Fortunately, we all went through the coldest winter ever and we're still alive.
Regards to the World on May 10th, 2000  from the commons of the block No.23 in New Belgrade.
Instead of our tears this gallery can be sent as a remembrance and warning to mankind.
Ruined  Serbian Ministry of interior affairs, Belgrade downtown, Kneza Milosa street
Business Center

'Usce' Business Center, in the central part of  New Belgrade, after the first bombing. This was the residence of seven private  TV and radio broadcasting networks, and over 20 trade companies

Bussines Center

Upper floors of 'Usce' Business Center in the night of the second attacking, all facilities were burned

Business Center
Mr. Igor Rasula and his mother in the morning after the second bombing of  'Usce' Business Center
Heating plant
Heating plant
Big Heating Plant for over 200,000 inhabitants of  New Belgrade and Zemun was destroyed. As it was on the left hand of Sava river bank,
over 400,000 liters of oil flown to the surface water and infiltrated into alluvial aquifer nearby. Others were burned up in terrible explosion and firestorm


Television of Serbia
Television of Serbia
National media Radio Television of Serbia was destroyed, specially Eurovision program studios,
which many of the world journalists used to send their reports. 9 innocent people were killed and 18 injured.
No one media could be a military target.
Journalist of RTS
Journalist of Serbian Television 15 min after the two missiles ruined the master and studios for Eurovision program. His right leg was cut off by the emergency. That was the only way to survive. Unfortunately, two hours later he died in horrible pains.
Yugoslav Ministry of Defense
Yugoslav Ministry of Defense
One of two big buildings of the Yugoslav Ministry of Defense, Belgrade downtown, Kneza Milosa street, after the first of altogether three attacks
Yugoslav Ministry of Defense
Chinese Ebassy
Chinese Embassy
Mr. Igor Rasula in front of Chinese Embassy in 
the center of  New Belgrade Tresnjin Cvet street next morning, and some of unknown  diplomats in the 
Emergency 10 min after the shocking attack
Chinese diplomats
Hotel Yugoslavia The ruined garage of the famous Hotel Yugoslavia in the most beautiful part of  our New Belgrade City
Graphite bombs
Graphite bomb
Graphite bombs which destroyed complete Serbian Power plant for three times. Over 7 (seven) days Republic of Serbia
and parts of Montenegro were in the total dark, without electricity and fresh water.
Civil bridge defenders
Mr. Igor Rasula and his mother as unarmed 
defenders of the famous Branko's bridge which c
onnect old and new part of Belgrade
Railway bridge over Sava river
Railway bridgeover  Sava river in the suburb of Belgrade near the village of Ostruznica
Famous building and monument in the capitol of Yugoslavia, Communication and TV tower on Avala mountain, about 200 m high, 15 km from Belgrade, absolutely destroyed
Tower of Avala
Belgrade's night

Belgrade by night, 78 terrible nights for 11 weeks.
Does anyone could think about the consequences? 
Is it normal and moral at the end of this century? 
What a lovely and dirty sky above my city.

Belgrade's night
We're all human beings
Stop the War
 Arranged  by Goran Rasula, May 20, 1999

New Belgrade

What a nice moonlight above our building in New Belgrade
just the second night after the piece has come
Updated on June 20, 1999
This page would stay here forever. Ii will be updated every March but just to be added some subtitles or notes not to move or change images. A
ll these to remind bad guys and their bosses not their victims. So, today is May 10th, 2000. We went through the awful period.
Summer is in the beginning. We're still under the sanctions and misery. Hope it may be finished very soon. Normal people are really at the end.
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