MFZ's Sega Saturn Collection

Sega Saturn Collection

This is MFZ's import Sega Saturn, accessories as well as 14 import games. MFZ started this collection in 1997. Nowadays, the collection is neatly stored in MFZ's room since MFZ no longer has time to play with them.

All are in mint condition except when noted:


Name and Description

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Sega Saturn (HST-3220 model)
Japanese model, includes one controller, power supply cable, composite video cable, and Japanese instructions. Seen here with S-Video Cable.


S-Video Cable
Rare original Sega S-Video cable in box.


Cool Pad
Limited Edition controller in transparent black color. Seen here with pack-in controller.


Virtua Stick
First Generation arcade joystick.


Virtua Stick
Second Generation arcade joystick, better than first version, uses original Japanese arcade parts from Sega.

These are the ORIGINAL Japanese games, all are mint unless noted:


Name and Description

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Darius Gaiden
At the top. Horizontal shooter from Taito.


Vampire Hunter
Upper left. 2-D Hand-drawn fighter from Capcom. The best non-4MB enhanced fighter!


X-Men (missing spine card)
Next to Vampire Hunter. First fighter from Capcom using the Marvel licence, mediocre effort.
MFZ sold it to Kao Megura, hopefully he enjoyed it as much as MFZ did.


Street Fighter Zero
Bottom left. The first fighter in the successful Zero trilogy, with Vampire-style chain combos. By Capcom.


Keio Yugekitai: Katsugekihen
Bottom (Click for a clearer scan). One of the last great-playing 2-D hand-drawn platform adventure, very much sought-after by Saturn colectors. By Victor (JVC).


The King of Fighters '95 (box is worn)
Top corner. The first game to come with it's own proprietory ROM cartridge (seen at the bottom corner), almost eliminating the loading times between fights. By SNK.


Street Fighter Zero 2 (missing spine card)
Next to Street Fighter Zero. The second fighter in the Zero trilogy, with new Original Combo feature. By Capcom.


The King of Fighters '96
(manual is water-damaged, CD is scratched but will play normally without any problems) Middle left. The second game after Real Bout Fatal Fury to use the 1MB RAM cartridge (HSS-0150), cartridge was not included. By SNK.


The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?
In the middle. Based on the anime movie of the same name, includes the special Laser Disc ending as well as new scenes exclusive to the game. Comes in a twin-CD jewel case. By Bandai Visual with cooperation from Sega and Emotion.


Street Fighter Collection
Second from bottom right. A two CD compilation by Capcom. Disc One features both Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II X. Disc Two features Street Fighter Zero 2' based on the Asia-only upgrade Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha.


The King of Fighters '97
Middle right. The third and final release of the popular fighter on the Saturn. Supports both 1MB and 4MB cartridges. By SNK.

T-1229G + HSS-0167

Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire
Upper right, next to cartridge. Arguably the best example of how to program a game while utilising the 4MB cartridge. Original cartridge in transparent blue included. By (who else but) Capcom.


Capcom Collection Dai 5 Syuu: Kakutou Katachi
Lower right. Nicknamed Street Fighter Collection 2, this game contains the missing Street Fighters in the first collection, namely the original Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II' and Street Fighter II' Turbo. By Capcom.


Street Fighter Zero 3
Bottom, obscured by camera flash. The third and final installment of the trilogy, this time with multiple characters and play modes. Requires 4MB cartridge. By Capcom.

All pictures are for informational purposes only.


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