Interesting links

Chris Oakley has interesting web-site. I basically agree with his analysis of the lack of progress in modern theoretical physics. However, I think he was being too harsh on the renormalization theory. I think the renormalized QED is OK for S-matrix calculations. The problem of QED and QFT in general is the absence of well-defined finite Hamiltonian. See my paper. Chris also writes a book which promises to be interesting.

Peter Woit has popular weblog "Not Even Wrong". His main point is that string theory is impotent. He and his guests are doing a great job in getting this point across and in trying to restore some sense of sanity in theoretical physics research.

Arnold Neumaier from the University of Wienna has a web-site with FAQ (frequently asked questions) about theoretical physics. I enthusiastically agree with some of his points and have very strong disagreements with others. I hope some day to find time to write rebuttals to his opinions.

An intersting web-site created by Diaa A. Ahmed with a lot of web links, publications, and other resources about QFT.

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