Website Idea - Mellow Wick Candle Company

Summary - Selling Candles and Wax Melts

Content - Products, about the company, images from products

Competition - Memory Box Candle Co. I liked the simplicity, colors were nice, tabs for each differnt type of product. I dislike the product picures all being exactly the same look. Homesick, likes: email sign up pop up sliders with the best sellers, Dislikes: homepage has a little to much going on for me. Hive & Home, likes: Homepage breaks down all varites of products they offer, dislikes the shop tab

Purpose - Becuase they are interested in buying candles, it should be built for ease of buying candles

Desired Results - Have a good outlet to market/sell my candles

Target Audience - Women, usually with families, US mostly but possiblility of anywhere, people who like candles/scents