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so, i've been meaning to do this for years and since i don't know much about HTML-ing and all, this page will be all info no frills (except for commentaries like these, which will, hopefully, be changing often.)
Where I Live (for now)
isn't l.a. beautiful?  i just love concrete. by the by, the garage door on the right is my moveable wall on warm days.
for some reason the kitchen photo didn't come out, but here is the first room right in front of the counters with the entrance door behind you about 20 fetet or so..
take a right at the couch from the photo before and here's the entry to the middle room
but before you do in the middle room, here's part of what makes it a loft within a loft.  call it the catwalk .
the grafitti has since changed, thankfully, though it  does  look festive.....
this door leads to where my room is
this is the room i live in, my partioned part you start to see on the right..  if you keep walking that way..
it's now my room! the white thing on the right is a white sheet hanging down, making a kind of wall.
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