Review of 'What a Disappointment' by Matty Carroll
Well here we go- What A Disappointment. I don't think the title of the CD is right for the CD. I wasn't disappointed- me being partial to a bit of  pop punk this CD was great for me. I heard "EP" and must say I wasn't impressed- but with this particular line up of Mellow Dramatic they made a great CD. Shays voice throughout the CD is perfect for the songs. James' drumming is amazing and the guitars and bass play great. Anyways I'll break it down into the songs themselves.
Out Of Step, Out Of Mind- Well just from the guitars I know who this CD is influenced by. It sounds like a riff that would be on "Dude Ranch" by Blink182. The Bass solo in this is great. I think it's the best part of the song. I can't get into this one as well as some of the others.
Window Pain- I think this is one of my favourites of the CD. The catchy vocals and chorus are sure to make it a hit with everyone. Shay again with a good voice well suited to the CD.
I won't wait- Again quite "Dude Ranch". I think it sounds quite similar to Out of Step out of Mind.
Nothing's Perfect- This is my favourite Mellow Dramatic song- I like the Ska upstrokes and the whole Reggae beat to it. The lyrics are great and this is my favourite Mellow Dramatic song.
Breakdown- Political with a pop punk sound. I love the lyrics- they are intelligent and true. Just shows how stupid Northern Irish politics and its history are summed up in a 2:41 song. Another great song- catchy as well
Outro- Instrumental- its good played live but I am not sure why it is on the cd. But good anyway

Overall this is a good Pop Punk CD- the lyrics are great, some of the music sounds similar- but taken on their own they are good songs.

Matty (Reluctant)
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