Review of 'Shake' by Jamie Clifton
Ok ok ok ok, 'Shake' be the culmination of Mellow D's first 2 EPs, a whole razz of crazy punk stuff, so let's go!
We begin our epic journey with 'My Acne', which using my limited punk knowledge was written by the band in the 1970's or so it seems, i can just see all the mohawk punks running round in circles, with this crazy fast song.
Moving on we come to 'Jimbob', with it's famous lyrics, always a laugh :D
The CD maintains it's solid punkiness with some nice guitar licks by, bass fills from Mo, and as always great drumming from James, and the levels are evened out really well, can't be faulted on that.
Now, as i listen further i am reminded of a quote i once heard from a very wise man "This CD is balls".  Unfortunately his wisdom faultered, as what he meant to say was, this CD is the nuts, and i'm just licking balls, but don't shoot me for being able to Mellow out with the D to the Ramatic, and and have a stupid grin on my face for the duration.
Being a Thrasher i can appreciate more the speed of songs such as 'Jake Like Cake' and...others, i'm being lazy here, so it's not them it's me.
There's like 11 songs on the complilation, and the come as thick as Dubya himself, and as fast as Russian inflation, also I got a purple CD case ^_^.  Thus you must listen to this, because my argumentitive skills are Top-grade at A-level, therefore i am right.

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