Review of 'Mind Of My Own' by Ciaran Tracey
Now here is a surprise. A local punk band that is actually listenable and pretty powerful to boot. I know! Anyway, what Mellow Dramatic have, apart from a crap name, is a great drummer and some good ideas about delivery. Their no nonsense up-tempo approach is made all the more grabbing by the excellent kick triplets and tight as hell snare work, which really just demand respect whether you like punk or not. Confusingly, the vocals sound a little mumbled. Sometimes it works (as on "Weak") in a pleasantly sardonic and sneering way, while at others ("The End" and "Guilty") they lack the power necessary for the music. Good tone and a generally high enthusiasm lend this demo an endearing quality that is hard to ignore, and there isnt really much more that could be asked of them within the quick punk framework. Apart from the vocal thing, which really needs resolved, this is good punk rock demo with fantastic drumming that makes it worth getting alone. A good and uncomplicated pick-me-up if nothing else.

-Ciaran Tracey ::: 22/03/05
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