Review of 'Mind Of My Own' by InsertNameHear
Mind of My Own – The explosion at the start of the track reflects the doom implied by the EP artwork. Fast and to the point.

Weak – A rerecording of the song originally on Loose Change. Honestly, I prefer the original. This version doesn’t have the same sense of urgency as the first, the vocals seem tired. The music, however, is good.

The End – I first heard this track back in August, and loved it straight away. My second favourite track on the EP. Fast and furious. Amazing drums and guitar, though I couldn’t really make out the bass.

Guilty – Nice little bass intro leads into a full on punk assault. The sudden stop/start bits towards the end are cool.

Gamble – Whoever is singing on this track sounds constipated. The lyrics on the first verse are a little hard to decipher, (is he saying “gas attack”? we’ve all been there…)  but become clearer come the second verse. Cool “Whoa o o” sing along section.

PMT – 13 second long song bout lesbians. The tune reminds me of Pictures by System of a Down. Blink and you’ll miss it.

As Is – The best track on the EP, and the longest (just under 3 and a half minutes) Really catchy chorus.  Love the solo at the end.

Summary: Great EP, if only it were a bit longer. Come on lads! Time for a LP!


Robin Harman
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