Review of 'MInd Of My Own' by Michael Wilson
Well, this is better; not massively so, but each new release from Mellow Dramatic undeniably shows steady progress, and I guess that’s all you can ask for.  Musically, to sum up Mellow Dramatic, imagine Blink182 doing Minor Threat covers. 

I guess I’ll have to qualify that analogy:  there are some strong element of hardcore throughout (specifically the fast paced drumming and the ocassional shouts and screams) but it all has a very modern, clean-cut feel to it.  There are definite melodic influences throughout and quite a late 90s Epi-Fat vibe, taking in the Offspring and Pennywise on the way.  So you can kind of see where I’m coming from.  Right?

There’s only one track here over two minutes long so you’ve probably got the idea by now about what this band is about.  Fast-paced, melodic, punk rock.

The last CD frustrated me with ‘joke’ songs interspersed and thankfully this has been pretty much left behind this time (save for one instance where Jonny informs us that he ‘has to fart’, at which point I wanted to strangle a small kitten), which is no doubt a step in the right direction.  This collection of songs flows much better as a result.  The other apparent improvement is vocally, where they have decided to mix things up.  I can’t actually tell who is singing which songs on this one.  At times the vocals still seem somewhat clean cut and emotionless (contradicting the music’s pace and directness), but on the whole there is vast improvement, particularly evident on tracks such as ‘Gamble’ and ‘The End’.  God knows why they asked what I can only assume to be a flu-ridden 8 year old to sing (or rap or whatever the fuck that is) on ‘Guilty’ though..

‘Weak’ is probably the highlight here, a re-recorded version of an older tune, alongside title track ‘Mind Of My Own’.  Banging, frantic, furious, catchy… what more do you need?
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