Review of 'Loose Change' by Stephen Donaghey
How many fuckin EP's have these guys done?! I'm sitting down now to listen to Mellow Dramatics now EP "Loose change" (I believe Jonny McClure was to blame for the title) First song hits you with a bang, "Weak" is a fast paced raw punk song, very well structured with a catch ass riff and marvelous solo's.
2nd song, "Fuck the show", sounds like something an early (very early) Blink182 would have done, one of my favorites on the cd. This song sticks in my head for days!
Then its on to the "Ska"ish 3rd song, "Good bones, broke". I love the intro riff, this song sounds very professional with a bridge and everything!
"Something" is a great piss take song, you cant help but feel that they just dont know the words! Backing vocals are genius too!
The 5th song, "Hey diddle, diddle" sounds like a real early Offspring song to me, which is great as I love the album "Smash". Great riff on this and the melodies are perfect, great song.
6th song and not much else i can say about this one (thank fuck i can hear you say). DUH DUH HEY, DUH DUH HEY, thats it!
And now its the 7th and final song and its a masterpeice in itself. "Over" starts with an awesome bassline, then it hits you right on the nose with an amazing riff, so fast you'll feel tired just listening to it! What a finishing song!
All in all "Loose change" is an amazing cd, must go and put it on again.
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