The End
Let's not kid ourselves,
This has gone to hell.
Too many fights and wasting time.
(wasting time)

But I don't blame you,
For all that we've been through.
The blame is noone else's but mine.
(noone left to fight)

I see no tomorrow
Looks like this is the end.

And I'm so confused,
I don't know what to do with you.
I said I loved you and I do.

But this can't go on.
It's been fucked up now for so long.
Everything I said was true.
There is no future
(everything was true)

No more words to be said.
Regretted words and actions.
Filling up my head.
I hate to good-byes,
I hate to see those teary eyes.
I'm sorry,
But this is the end.
(the end)
Jonny N
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