The Apers - Bastard Pop-Punk from Holland
Goldblade - Rock n Roll with Soul from Birmingham
Lightyear - Household Name Skacore from Derby
Koala Attack - Punk n Roll from Plymouth
Diefenbaker - Jawbreakeresque punk from Sweden
The Rejects - Ska-punk from Southend
Panic - Pop-punk from Birmingham
The Hunchbacks - Female fronted pop-punk from London
Man Over Bored - North Coast Punk, lovely
The Dangerfields - Fast, Sexy and damn good Rock n Roll from Belfast
The Evangelists - Zappa influenced mayhem from Derry
20 Bulls Each - Hardcore from Dublin
Sub60 - Heavy, Punkish, Batboy
Pocket Billiards - Ska-Punk from Belfast
Fool - Slapstick Punk from Belfast
Triggerman - Classic Rock n Roll from Derry
P45 - Pop-Punk from Portstewart
Zombie Safari Park - Funk/Alt./Donkey 6 piece from Portrush
Real Bad Fall - Progressive Punk Rock from Ballycastle
The Shimmys - Pop Punk with 3 UK emigrants in Canada including co MD founder Bob
No Less My Life - Horror Punk from Larne
Absent Method - Screamo from Downpatrick
Social Outcasts - Ska Punk from Belfast
Gunther - Pop-punk from Coleraine
Phoenix Dawn - Alt. rock from Belfast
S.T.U.N.T. - Not Pop-Punk or Metal, with trumpet and sax
Dawn - Melodic Metal from from the North coast
Latex Spider Monkey - DKs meets Primus from Portadown
Deep Kick - Thrash Metal from Ballymoney
The Strides - Brit Pop from Belfast
The Tarks - Comedy music from Ballymoney
The Dark Knights - Classic Rock from Ballymoney
Resin - A band from Ballycastle
Blind Summit - Pop Punk from Belfast
Organisations, associations etc.
Rock at the Retro - Rock music every Saturday at the Retro Bar Portrush, sign up!
NADistro - Northern Irish distribution outfit
Fastfude - Information on the local scene
JustDave - Super Dooper site
Insert Name Hear - Scenester site
Tsunami Relief CD - Compilation
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