(149) Tuesday 27th September - Pavillion, Belfast, Anarchist Benefit with Complan, Lebanon Death Train
(148) Saturday 17th September - Fairhill Bar, Ballymena, with Man Over Bored, Tripwire
(147) Tuesday 13th September - Rosetta Bar, Belfast, with the Misfits, the Dangerfields, the Dead End Sluts
(146) Friday 2nd September - Front Page, Belfast, with The Hypocrites, STUNT, White Noise
(145) Sunday 28th August - The Hoot, Downpatrick, with Mighty Midgets
(144) Saturday 27th August - Retro Bar, Portrush, with Mighty Midgets, the Hypocrites
(143) Friday 26th August - Carrick a Rede Bar, Ballintoy, with Mighty Midgets
(142) Tuesday 23rd August - Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, with Mighty Midgets, 20 Bulls Each
(141) Friday 12th August - Huset, Aalborg, with Mighty Midgets, Taeve
(140) Wednesday 10th August - Rock Nielsen, Aalborg, Denmark, with Mighty Midgets
(139) Monday 8th August - Arhus, Denmark, with Mighty Midgets, Taeve
(138) Saturday 6th August - Retro Bar, Portrush, with Encyclopedia
(137) Friday 5th August - Front Page, Belfast, with STUNT, Encyclopedia, So Long Lisa
(136) Thursday 4th August - The Oak, Portadown, with STUNT, Black Alley Screens
(135) Wednesday 3rd August - Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, with 20 Bulls Each, The Clap
(134) Friday 22nd July - Top of the Town, Omagh, with Fractured, Ad Black
(133) Thursday 21st July - Front Page, Belfast, with the Hypocrites, the Suspects, High Speed Steel
(132) Saturday 16th July - Barcode, Perth, with The Declined
(131) Friday 15th July - The Tunnels, Aberdeen, with The Declined, Dirtbox
(130) Thursday 14th July - Falkirk, with UK Deathcharge
(129) Wednesday 13th July - Vale Bar, Glasgow, with UK Deathcharge, Stick Figgers
(128) Tuesday 12th July - Lord Nelson, Thirsk, with Bosseye, Pocket Billiards
(127) Monday 11th July - Colour, Camden, London, with Criminal Class, Anonymous Tip, Pocket BIlliards
(126) Sunday 10th July - Luton, with The Rejects, Pocket Billiards
(125) Saturday 9th July - The Junction, Bristol, with The Rejects, Pocket Billiards
(124) Friday 8th July - Tap n' Tin, Chatham, with The Big, The Rejects, Pocket Billiards, Kicking Chloe
(123) Thursday 7th July - Basildon, with The Rejects, Pocket Billiards
(122) Sunday 3rd July - TJ's, Worcester, with The Cunts, The Penitaitors, The Nihilists
(121) Saturday 2nd July - The Shed, Leicester
(120) Friday 24th June - Magnet Centre, Newry, with Pocket Billiards, Nice n Sleazy
(119) Saturday 18th June - Fibbers Bar, Dublin, with 20 Bulls Each
(118) Friday 17th June - Retro Bar, Portrush, with ZSP, Pretty Cages
(117) Friday 17th June - Carrick A Rede Bar, Ballintoy, with Man Over Bored, Gunther, Celebrity Hangover
(116) Saturday 11th June - Retro Bar, Portrush, with Urban Circus, Unpretentious, SaidGun
(115) Thursday 9th June - The Oak, Portadown, with, the Betes Noires, Black Panther
(114) Wednesday 8th June - Front Page. Belfast, with the Queers, Eastfield, Dead By Gun, the Evangelists, Scrotum Poles
(113) Saturday 4th June - The Hoot Bar, Downpatrick
(112) Friday 3rd June - Fairhill Bar, Ballymena, with WORM, Griswalds, Decoy 47, Man Over Bored, Rifamos
(111) Saturday 14th May - Fairhill Bar, Ballymena, with Satanic Wheelchair, Mantic
(110) Thursday 28th April - Rosetta Bar, Belfast, with Zombie Safari Park, Shylock, Ward 12
(109) Wednesday 20th April - Carraig Bar, Derry, with Decoy 47
(108) Saturday 2nd April - Front Page, Belfast, with Bosseye, Pocket Billiards, High Speed Steel
(107) Friday 1st April - INF, Warrenpoint, with Bosseye, Pocket Billiards, Contagious
(106) Thursday 31st March - The Oak, Portadown, with Bosseye, Latex Spider Monkey, STUNT
(105) Monday 28th March - Retro Bar, Portrush, with Pocket Billiards, STUNT, Latex Spider Monkey, Merdfoot,Likely Story
(104) Friday 11th March - Carrick A Rede Bar, Ballintoy, with Man Over Bored, Boy Shits Fire, Re-sonance
(103) Friday 4th March - Molly Sweeny's, Omagh
(102) Friday 11th February - Front Page, Belfast, with Decoy 47, Pocket Billiards, STUNT
(101) Monday 7th February - Cheers, Ballymoney, with Jonny Goes Public, Satanic Wheelchair, Mantic
(100) Saturday 5th February - The Retro, Portrush, with Zombie Safari Park, Shylock
(99) Saturday 29th January - INF, Warrenpoint, with Pocket Billiards, Castro
(98) Friday 28th January - The Warehouse, Newtownards, with Only Just
(97) Saturday 22nd January - Retro Bar, Portrush, with Koala Attack, 20 Bulls Each, Gunther, The Bird Report
(96) Friday 21st January - The High Stool, Limerick, with Koala Attack, 20 Bulls Each
(95) Thursday 20th January - Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, with Koala Attack, 20 Bulls Each, The Upgrades
(94) Wednesday 19th January - Front Page, Belfast, with Decoy 47, 1000 Drunken Nights, Half-Cut
(93) Friday 14th January - Carrick A Rede Bar, Ballintoy, with Re-sonance, Gunther, Prelude, Enigma
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