Mellow Dramatic started a fair while ago in January of 2001.  It took a long time for things to get going properly and the band has been plagued by line-up changes.  However, since November 2004 with a new improved, and most importantly, consistent line-up the band has gone from strength to strength.
  As a punk band Mellow Dramatic are proud to be DIY and proud to express their political stance in their lyrics.  The music is hard and fast, but with plenty of melody and harmony too.
  There have been 5 Mellow Dramatic EPs.  2 recorded when the band played pop-punk with a different guitarist and singer, both are out of print.  The third 'Loose Change' was recorded at Einstein Studios  and was released in November 2003.  The fourth 'Mind Of My Own' was recorded in June 2004 at Stable Studios and was released in November 2004.  The most recent was recorded in January 2005 at Born Screaming Studios and is due for release in May 2005.  The last 3 EPs are available at
gigs or by e-mail.
  The Mellow Dramatic line-up is Jim on Drums and Vocals, Jonny Nectarine on Guitar and Vocals, and Mr. Beaker on Bass and Vocals.
List of all Mellow Dramatic members ever
Jim Mellow Dramatic
Jonny Nectarine
Mr Beaker
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