The Freimann Family Tree

General Note
After her husband's death in 1933 (he was beaten to death by the SA), Rosa moved to Bad Mergentheim, where she lead the family shoe-store till 1938 . Then she had to give up that store and move to Schweinfurt.

Address Note
Rosa moved from Kunselsau to Bad-Mergentheim in 1934, after her husband's death, and took over Springmann's .

In 1938, however, that store was "Arisiert" , and Rosa moved again to Schweinfurt.

From there she was deported in April 1942.

Address Note
possibly moved to bad Mergentheim as soon as 10.4.1934 (according to B.M. records).

Address Note
or 10.3.1941

Death Note
Rosa was deported on April 26, 1942 to Izbica.

Welcome to the Freimann family tree web-site. This site contains genealogical data of individuals related to my family , the Freimanns and the Katzenbergers from Germany , as well as my wife's family , the Lasnicks. I wish to thank Thea and Heinz Skyte , who have done a remarkable research on the Jewish Community of Sugenheim, for so generously sharing their "Freimann" data with me. Special gratitude also goes to David Seldner, my friend and cousin , and to Christiane Kohl , for their crucial help and contribution to the "Katzenberger" research. If you have any information or connections to the above individuals, please let me know. Thank you. Joach Freimann , Israel.

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