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Husband: Max KATZENBERGER [See Notes]
Birth:                     8 Oct 1878 Massbach, Bayern, Germany
Marriage:                             Berta SICHEL
Address:                              Claire SICHEL
                                      Praterstrasse 23 , Nuernberg
Death:                           1942 Belzec Death-Camp, Poland
                                      BELZEC, Poland. Southeastern part of Lublin District, on the Lublin-Lvov railway line. Extermination camp.Established 17.3.1942, liquidated by the Nazis 12.1942 .

Father: Louis David KATZENBERGER Mother: Helene ADELBERG {1}
Other Wives: Claire SICHEL
Wife: Berta SICHEL [See Notes]
Birth:                           1887 Kassel , Hessen, Germany
Marriage:                             Max KATZENBERGER
Death:                           1912

Father: Adolf SICHEL Mother: Matilde NUSSBAUM
Immigration:                          Margot KAUFMANN

* Small numbers in brackets { } after names and events refer to source citations below.

* Numbers in brackets { } indicate the number reference in Bibliography.
  1. Aschbacher Matrikel (register) - 1822. {1}

* Numbers in brackets { } indicate the number reference in Repository List.
  1. Aschbacher Matrikel (register) - 1822. Geburtsregister, Heiratsregister ,Sterberegister .


Welcome to the Freimann family tree web-site. This site contains genealogical data of individuals related to my family , the Freimanns and the Katzenbergers from Germany , as well as my wife's family , the Lasnicks. I wish to thank Thea and Heinz Skyte , who have done a remarkable research on the Jewish Community of Sugenheim, for so generously sharing their "Freimann" data with me. Special gratitude also goes to David Seldner, my friend and cousin , and to Christiane Kohl , for their crucial help and contribution to the "Katzenberger" research. If you have any information or connections to the above individuals, please let me know. Thank you. Joach Freimann , Israel.

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