Medhakshethra Dance Academey

Best Bharatnatyam Classes in Bangalore

Bharatnatyam dance was founded in tamil nadu. It is one of most widely used Indian Classical Dance. It is one of the oldest classical dance in India. A great coordination among hands, eyes and face and foot is required to perform this dance.


Best Kathak Classes in Bangalore

Kathak is one of the most famous classical dance of India. Kathak dance is based on story telling with extensive hand, foot movement and facial expressions. It is believed that Kathak dance was founded in northen parts of india. It is one of the most expressive dance with meaning.



Semi Classical Dance Classes in Bangalore

As name suggests Semi Classical Dance is combination of classical dance with little modern touch. It is a combination of classical dance with modern moves. Semi classical dance is bit easier to learn that traditional classical dances eg. bharatnatyam, kuchipudi and kathak etc




Carnatic Vocal classes in Bangalore

Carnatic Vocal is famous music of karnatka. It is one of the most populor classical music. Carnatic music involves first hand knowledge of swara and raga etc. Carnatic music is believed to be father of modern music