Mariah in suicide bid - According to The Sun

Now - me i'm one for buying the tabliods and reading them for the sheer hell of it cause they sensentionalise EVERYTHING!!! - But - The Sun today printed something that actually shocked me!!! I almost didn't post it up - but the fact is that I chose not to belive it - becasue I dont!! However I thought i should put it up anyway - BUT - this story is in NO WAY SUBSTANTIATED apart from by THE SUN - I DO NOT BELEIVE IT!!

MARIAH CAREY has tried to kill herself over her split with boyfriend Luis Miguel.

Last week I reported how the mega-rich star had checked in to a New York hospital suffering from extreme exhaustion. Now I can reveal Mariah had cut herself after telling pals she wanted to end her life.

The injured singer was rushed to a hospital near her home late last Wednesday night. A source close to the star, who earns 20million per album, said: "Mariah was gutted when her relationship with Luis broke down after three years.

"She didn't realise how hard it had hit her until it was too late." On Friday the singer issued a statement through her publicist saying she was suffering from exhaustion and cancelled all public appearances - despite having an album and a movie to promote.

Both are called Glitter and are due for release next month. Mariah's cry for help came just hours after she posted a rambling message on her website. She wrote: "Basically, all I really wanna say is I don't know what's going on with life.

"But I just can't trust anybody any more. I'm desperately trying to get out of this room. I'm gonna be taking some time off." The message has since been removed.

(C) The Sun -

Now - I think that The Sun is actually taking the piss with this and it has actually angred me - either way there is nothing i can do about it apart from read. One thing that is quite obviuos is that when the tabloids get a story that can be spun in any direction which they choose - they will spin and spin untill no more can be done. DO NOT BELEIVE THIS STORY - JUST LAUGH IT OFF! 1

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