Available puppies or dogs at McG
Occasionally McG has high quality puppies for competition or just loving available from well thought out breedings planned with type, temperament and health first and foremost in mind. 

FREE GROOMING LESSONS are included for one (1) year, and we give an extensive puppy packet with each puppy.
     We also offer HOME BOARDING SERVICES FOR OUR CLIENTS ONLY !!!  PLEASE CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION  631-345-5619.  Please leave a message if we are unavailable and we will return your call at our earliest convenience.  We may also be reached by email at
[email protected]

  We normally have a number of litters per year with regard to the Australian Shepherds.  German Shepherd, Collie and Borzoi litters vary.  Please feel free to contact us at any time to check on availability.

  We also occasionally have dogs available for adoption in all of our breeds..... mostly retired show dogs and some younger dogs that we have decided not to show.  Please call us for availability as well.

Typical McG Aussie babies.
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