"I guess you write songs so that you don't


 have to tell people what you're about."


-James Iha-

"The [Smashing Pumpkins] music is a lot of things. It's powerful, it's kind of insane sounding, it's kind of poppy sometimes, it's power poppy. A lot of it's overly dramatic, sad... you don't really think about it. You just put it together and throw it out and see if anyone likes it." -James Iha


"You just get a dominant front person and you don't ever hear about the band or the records. It's like, what did people talk about Nirvana? They talked about Kurt, they talked about Courtney Love, heroin abuse and smashing guitars and punk rock. They never talked about how good the songs were, how good the lyrics were." -James Iha, 1996


"Grunge is dead. And that's what we came from. The big rock bands in America - I won't even name them - they're all third generation handed-down Nirvana clones. From that aspect, I think rock is dead."-James Iha, Kerrang, 1998


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