"Love is something great, something fantastic, but keep in mind that love can hurt, love can cause a lot of pain. At least that's my experience."





"If you want to change things you have to do it from within. If you want to stand outside and throw stones you're not gonna do anything." -Billy Corgan

"We just want people to be as honest with us as we are with them." -Billy Corgan


"No matter what we accomplish, we always try to go farther." -Billy Corgan


"If the band has to die a death because we continue to operate on fresh, fertile ground, so be it."-Billy Corgan, 1998


"I think that there is a certain sanctity and purity to life. I think that everybody wants to feel that their work matters and that someone wants to hear what they have to say. People say that we seek love, but I think that the things we seek - to be wanted, to be part of something - are just a diluted form of love."-Billy Corgan, 1999


"There's a really  cold, cold side to my personality that I'm not really comfortable with. I'm constantly dealing with that side of my personality versus my overly sentimental side… it's nothing I want to admit or even look at. It's where a lot of my strength lies. It's been the part of me that's been able to steel my spine against situations that probably would have broken a lot of people, or caused them to jump off the Loop." -Billy Corgan, 1996


"It's not us against them, It's us against us." -Billy Corgan


"Any time you're supposed to do something, you get a rebellious nature and automatically don't want to do it." -Billy Corgan 1996


"When I watch a puppet show I don't watch the puppets. I try to see who's holding the strings." -Billy Corgan


"You get to a point where your own monsters in your head are so immense that you're completely immobile." -Billy Corgan


"Blood and will is indivisible" -Billy Corgan


"Sometimes I think I'm cursed. Whenever I think I reached that magic point, whenever I think I can rest now, something happens. Something terrible happens! I'm almost afraid to be happy just because of that." -Billy Corgan, 1998


"You have to have doubt in order to find true faith."-Billy Corgan,1998


"...The deeper I get into my life as a musician, I'm discovering that it becomes less and less about other people, and more about what I want to do. And that's a good place to be." -Billy Corgan


"Great music completely obliterates any conceptions of genre." -Billy Corgan


"I grew up with my stepmother. My parents were nowhere to be found. There's no getting around that. It definitely makes you go, 'What is love?' They say they love me; love me means don't live with me. I don't understand. -Billy Corgan 1996


"My earliest memory is of feeling different." -Billy Corgan


"We used to compete with Nirvana. That was good. That was real. That was viscerally good. Now we compete with imitation-Nirvana. There's nothing good in that. ...It's really sad." -Billy Corgan, 1996


"Songwriting for me is like having 5 people living in the same body. One day I'm an insular child-like artist, just going by emotion, the next day I'm a crass technician. The person who writes the riffs argues with the person doing the vocals. But the different personalities can work together. Sometimes my heart says 'this song needs to move', and the tactical part suggests, 'try a key change'. It goes back and forth until some kind of graceful compromise is reached." -Billy Corgan, 1997


"...You've just got to totally follow your heart. ...people told us to change the name. People told me to get rid of band members. People told me I shouldn't be singing. Everything you can imagine negative was said. ...and all I did was believe in myself and eventually the band as an entity, and that's always served us really well." -Billy Corgan. 1997


"I love fans. I respect them a lot. You need a lot of energy to be one. They can do anything with my life, they can change me in what they want, they can rise me or drown me, I am only an object, a character of a comic. -Billy Corgan, 1998


"If you go on a fan website and read what they're talking about, they're actually picking up all the nuances of the entire thing. It's a lot nicer, kinder and more beautiful than anything anybody would ever put across in the press."-Billy Corgan, 1998


"It's important for us, as people of generation X, to start taking care of people from the subsequent generation. Generation X is often accused of being whiny, selfish - I've always disagreed with that." -Billy Corgan, 1998


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