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1999-2000, Manuel NSX1164
Last Updated: 23-April-2000

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This page describes some racing Acura NSX motorcars, and some of the modifications and enhancements made to them.

Racer NS-X
1992 Red/Black Flame-mobile 1992 Formula Red/Black Flame-mobile
  • Owner: Doug NSX-Files H
  • One of the most (in)famous NSX club racers around -- these folks live at redline (!)
  • Recently re-stickered with "PULP RACING" decals... the name may change, but the flames remain the same
  • OE steering wheel, shift knob and mirrors -- the rest is modified (too many to list) --> see Doug's mods page
  • all his (3) cars are red, two-seat, mid-engine rear-drive import coupes (translation: we're not worthy!)
  • cool plate: "AVOID 55"
Mike D's lightweight GT2 racecar RM Racing GT2
  • Owner: Mike D
  • Extensive lightening with custom CF body panels
  • Full roll cage
  • RM Racing intake/headers/exhaust
  • RM Racing brakes
  • RM Racing NOS system
  • RM Racing suspension
  • Work 3-piece wheels
  • 2400 lbs dry
Mike B's lightweight GT2 racecar Acura of Brookfield GT2
  • Owner: Mike B
  • Full roll cage, stripped interior
  • Comptech mods, including several Realtime/HART parts
  • Race Technologies / Brembo brakes
  • 2600 lbs dry
Cameron's twin-turbo GT2 racecar Cameron's TT NSX 199x Sebring Silver/Red TT GT2 racecar
  • Owner: Cameron P
  • GT2 twin-turbo with twin air-to-air intercoolers
  • Comptech Brembo brake package
  • HRC alloy coilover race suspension
  • 17/18 3-piece 5-spoke alloy wheels
  • Carbon-fiber LeMans GT2 wing
  • 0-60 in 3.8 sec, 1/4 mile in 11.3 secs, top-end ~200 mph
  • 2200 lbs dry
PD Cunningham and the Realtime NSX Realtime NSX Realtime NSX
  • Owner: PD Cunningham
  • 1997 SCCA World Challenge T1 Champion
  • 380 hp/260 ft-lb normally-aspirated 3.0L motor
  • 2350 lbs empty
  • Too many mods to list here --> see mods page
PD Cunningham and the Realtime NSX
Comptech Acura-Spice IMSA NSX Comptech Acura-Spice AK93
  • Tuner: Comptech
  • Teams: Acura-Spice (IMSA Camel Lights series)
  • 1992 Camel Lights champion (Parker Johnstone)
  • Motor: C30B 3.0 L V6 (330 KW / 440 bhp @ 8500 rpm / 270 lb-ft @ 6000 rpm)
  • 0-60 in 3.0 sec / 0-100 in 6.3 sec / 1/4 mile: 11.0 sec
  • weight 2015 lbs
  • top speed >186 mph
Castrol Mugen JGTC NSX Castrol Mugen JGTC NSX Mugen JGTC NS-X
  • Tuner: Mugen
  • Teams: Nakajima Racing and Team Takahashi (1 car each); Mugen-Dome Project (2 cars) -- total 4 cars
  • Motor: C32B 3.5 L V6 (over 350 KW)
  • Transmission: 6-speed sequential (Hewland)
  • Suspension: Double wishbone + Inboard Damper Unit (Showa)
  • Brakes: Front 6-pot / Rear 4-pot Caliper (AP Racing)
  • Tires: Front 280/35R18 / Rear 330/40R18
  • Chassis: NA1 base, Aluminium monocoque with steel roll cage
  • 2320 lbs empty
Mobil-1 Mugen JGTC NSX - Nakajima Racing Raybrig JGTC NSX - Team Kunimitsu

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If you have a silver NSX, please send me an email with a picture (preferably JPEG format and at least 256 pixels wide) and some car details. Thanks!

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