Bill Cafferata              Rita Crosby                Daryl Cunnington                   Neil Dirom

Brian Hope                Gary Johncox Jan Jones                              Jim Kirkland

Lorne Lacey               Georgina Lorette       Don Miller                               Joy Miller

Glen Nymark              Jack Perry                  Eve Tucker                             Niels Voss

Mary Jane Walker    



Al Cramb                    Eric Lofkrantz            Garth MacFarlane                 Geoff Mynett

Nicky Watson


1.  Opening


Gary Johncox welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for a Motion to approve the minutes of the Directors’ meetings held Tuesday, March 15th and Wednesday, May 4th, 2005.

Moved by Glen Nymark, seconded by Bill Cafferata, Carried.


2.  Business Arising from the March 15th and May 4th, 2005 Meetings


Treasurer’s Report

Don Miller presented a preliminary financial summary for 2005.  Estimated total income YTD October 2005 of $12,611.69 exceeds expenditures of $11,816.40, providing a surplus of $795.29.  The projected surplus for 2005 (a roster year) reflects favourable postage treatment as a result of Weyerhaeuser picking up the cost of mailing the AGM notice, cost savings associated with wider use of the club website and targeted, rather than blanket, mailing of the club roster.  Membership revenue in 2005 increased to $9,585 – up from $9,135 in 2004.  Paid-up members in 2005 were 978 compared to 933 in 2004.  The YTD term deposit balance is $5,709.33.


Don surmised that the upward trend in the number of paid-up members this year could be the result of interest in the sale of the Coastal group and the Club’s request for a pension increase.


A few members have questioned retaining such a large surplus (approx. $12,781) and have suggested that dues be decreased.  The topic of liability insurance was raised and Gary Johncox suggested Geoff Mynett be asked to make a formal enquiry as to the Club’s status as a society and to give us his comments and views as to whether or not we should be carrying any form of liability insurance.


At the request of Niels Voss, Mary Jane Walker undertook to e-mail a copy of the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws to all Directors. 


The Directors decided to leave the annual dues at $10.00.


Daryl Cunnington reported that over half of the more than 300 widowed spouses on the Roster have never paid dues and are unlikely to ever do so.  It was agreed that their names be removed (but saved in a separate file in the event they are required in the future).  It was also noted that there are many retirees who have never joined the Club or shown any interest in its activities.


2005 Golf Tournaments

In the absence of Garth MacFarlane, Jack Perry reported on the very successful Vancouver Island Golf Tournament held at the Alberni Golf Club on September 6th, 2005.  Fifty-two golfers participated – 38 men and 14 ladies.  Next year’s tournament will be held on the East Coast of Vancouver Island and Jack expressed concern about the attendance.  This year, many of the players were members of the Alberni Club and, therefore, paid lower fees.  Jack undertook to explore suitable courses in the Nanaimo/Parksville area.


Lorne Lacey reported on the Lower Mainland tournament held September 14th, 2005 at Langara Golf Course in Vancouver.  Twenty-eight golfers (including 5 ladies) participated – up from 14 in 2004.  Once again, cost was cited as a factor in the number of attendees.  Lorne and Daryl agreed to be on the Committee for the 2006 Lower Mainland tournament. 


Daryl Cunnington thanked those who had contributed prizes to both tournaments, including Gordon Towill who had made a very generous donation of lunch and a round of golf with himself, Bob Findlay and Gary Johncox at Capilano.  This was awarded as the grand prize in Vancouver.  Gary Johncox had very kindly donated two pictures of Grumman Geese aircraft, one for each tournament.  Johnson Insurance and Sandra MacDonald had also contributed prizes.  Jack Perry suggested asking for prize donations at next year’s AGM in Nanoose.


Details of the winners and pictures from both tournaments can be viewed on the MBWRSEC website.


2005 Annual General Meetings

Gary Johncox stated that, after approval of the local Directors in Nanoose and Powell River and agreement from the attendees, he decided to dispense with the routine business items, e.g. approval of minutes, Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports, nomination and election of Directors, at these locations.  He believed these items need only be approved at one meeting each year and suggested they be handled on a rotational basis.  This would provide more time for discussion of matters of local interest. 


During the discussion which ensued, concern was once again expressed regarding the liability of Directors and it was noted this was an item Geoff Mynett was being asked to investigate.


2006 Annual General Meetings

Mary Jane Walker confirmed the dates and locations of the 2006 Annual General Meetings as follows:


Wednesday, May 3rd – Unitarian Church, Vancouver

Thursday, May 4th – Nanoose Place, Nanaimo

Friday, May 5th – Royal Canadian Legion, Powell River


As a result of a substantial increase in rental fees at the Unitarian Church this year, she had researched alternate sites for the Vancouver meeting.  Since only one out of six appeared to be a viable alternative, a letter was sent to the Church asking for their suggestions as to how the rental fee might be reduced.  The Church offered to reduce the rental on the Sanctuary by cutting the number of hours from five to three and the rate from $90 to $77/hour.  We are also able to save an additional $30 by not using the projector and screen.  The total rental fee for 2006 will be $491.00 vs. $676 in 2005.   


Neil Dirom questioned whether the order of the meetings should be changed to accommodate the rotation of the routine business portion from one location to another, i.e., if the business portion is to be dealt with in Nanoose, should that meeting be held first?  Gary Johncox did not think this would be a problem.  Key issues could be anticipated and a brief summary done at the other two locations.  However, he suggested Geoff Mynett be asked if he foresaw anything which would stand in the way of this change in sequence.  It was customary for the Auditor to give his report in person at the Vancouver meeting but this could probably be accomplished by the reading of a written report.


Gary Johncox then asked whether, with the old MB so dispersed, we should be inviting speakers from the new owners.  Niels Voss said that as far as Powell River was concerned, he felt they had lost their relevancy and retirees no longer relate to the new company.  Gary said that was the reason he had researched and reported on the current state of the pulp and paper business in B.C. to the Powell River group this year.   Niels suggested the guest speaker should address a topic of general interest to the community.  On the other hand, Neil Dirom felt there were still deep roots with MB on Vancouver Island and we should continue to try to attract speakers from Weyerhaeuser, Pope & Talbot, Island Timberlands, Western Forest Products, etc. for the Nanoose meeting.  There was general agreement that it was too early to line up speakers but Jack Perry suggested a presentation on the availability of employee/retiree assistance services would be useful.


Distribution of 2005/06 Roster – Cost Savings

Mary Jane Walker reported on the cost savings achieved by offering Club members an online vs. a hard copy version of the roster.  The cost of printing and mailing one copy of the roster was $4.13.  Out of a total of 954 paid-up members (as of Sept), 366 had requested a hard copy.  The cost saving of not having to provide a hard copy to the remaining 588 was $2,428.44.  In addition, Weyerhaeuser saved the Club just over $1,000 by picking up the cost of mailing our AGM notices. 


Privacy Issues

The implications of the Privacy Act continue to be an ongoing issue.  In connection with the calls made by Directors regarding AGM attendance, Garth MacFarlane had reported how embarrassing it is to the caller and annoying to the person answering the phone to ask for someone who has been deceased for several months.  For this reason, some of his callers have said they will not assist again. 


Discussion then ensued on the effectiveness of the phoning procedure and there was general agreement that it was very worthwhile and should be continued.


Pension Adjustments

Gary Johncox stated that he had received several enquiries from retirees expressing concern that no action had been taken to date by Weyerhaeuser to implement a pension adjustment.  Gary then reviewed the historical background of pension increases. The interpretation of Sandy McDade’s letter March 2, 2005 in reply to Gary Johncox’s letter of January 18, 2005 (and reiterated by Patrick Lane at the Vancouver and Nanoose AGMs in May) was that there had been no change in Weyerhaeuser’s philosophy of making pension improvements on a discretionary, ad hoc basis.   After a full discussion, Gary asked for further input from the Directors over the next month or so, with a view to making another approach early in the new year.


Retiree Benefits Booklets

Mary Jane Walker reported that Weyerhaeuser is still planning to distribute these booklets early in 2006.


Johnson Insurance

Gary Johncox said that, in spite of his request that the most recent Johnson home insurance letter be similar in tone to the one sent in Fall 2004, they had sent a letter which clearly depicted the Club as endorsing their product vs. a low-key approach of making it available to retirees to judge for themselves.  A short discussion ensued on the degree of satisfaction with Johnson’s services.  One Director stated he was very pleased with their rates on home insurance.  Another said Johnson could not match his current policy but he would continue to request a quote from them each year.  No derogatory comments had been received from any retirees. 



3.  New Business


Appointment of Vice-President

Gary Johncox said that Nicky Watson had indicated several months ago that she did not wish to become President of the Club in May 2006 when his term was up.  Gary made one suggestion as a replacement and invited any Board member who was interested to contact him.


EFWP Committee

Gary Johncox stated it was necessary to appoint a replacement for Elspeth Creith on the EFWP Committee.   Neil Dirom offered to become the new MBWRSEC representative. 


Daryl Cunnington noted that he had been advised of a change in the login and password for the Weyerhaeuser FGIworld Website, effective December 30th, 2005:

            From -             Login:  efwp

                                    Password:  efwp101

            To -                 Login:  efwp

                                    Password:  efwp300

He said he would post this information on our website.


(Subsequent to the meeting, we were advised that what the Board was given to understand would be the distribution of a WellPower book to retirees would take the form of new online resources and the FreshStart tobacco-cessation program early in 2006.  Communications detailing these new services will be sent to all eligible retirees.  There is no plan to provide retirees with a copy of the “Healthwise Handbook” selfcare guide” as the B.C. Ministry of Health has already supplied all residents with a copy of the “B.C. Health Guide”, a special edition of the “Healthwise Handbook” edited for use by B.C. residents.  This book has recently been updated and is available through pharmacies and government agents.)


Club Invitation Letter

The Directors reviewed and approved a draft letter to Weyerhaeuser salaried retirees inviting them to join either the Coastal (MBWRSEC) or Interior (Kamloops) social clubs.   Weyerhaeuser had agreed to include this letter in the packages given to all new salaried retirees.  Neil Dirom emphasized the importance of making contact with people retiring from successor companies, e.g. Pope & Talbot, WFP, Norske (Catalyst), etc.  At the suggestion of Georgina Lorette, Mary Jane Walker said she would send a “welcome” letter to new members.  


Future Direction of the Club

Gary Johncox reported on discussions he had had with Bob Ryan, President of the Kamloops Club.  While they are not interested in an outright amalgamation with us at this time, they are interested in what we are doing and maintaining a continuing dialogue. 


A related item was the possible dropping of “MB” from the Club name.  Indications are that very few members are opposed to the idea.  Whatever name is chosen, it must be all-inclusive.  In anticipation of this, Daryl Cunnington said he had checked out several domain names available through our website provider.  Gary undertook to pursue the subject with Bob Ryan.


Gary said he was not concerned about a significant decline in membership as he believed the Club could survive with 300 to 400 members.


Weyerhaeuser “Leader”/”The News”

Georgina Lorette had suggested that the Club request a “Retirees’ Corner” in these newsletters.  Mary Jane Walker said she had checked with Sandra MacDonald regarding the number of retirees receiving these publications.  Weyerhaeuser Ambassadors are automatically added to the mailing list for the quarterly “Leader” but retirees must sign up on an individual basis for the e-mail supplement “The News” which goes out in the months when the “Leader” does not publish.  Without doing a line by line comparison, Sandra has no idea whether MB retirees who are Ambassadors are also Club members.


Gary Johncox concluded it would be more advantageous to enhance our website.



Johnson Insurance Inc. had sent letters to retirees as follows:

  • Preferred Service Home Insurance Plan – dated April and October 2005
  • MEDOC Travel Health Insurance – September 2005



4.  Date of Next Meeting


Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. in the 7th Floor Meeting Room (subject to availability during the construction period).


. . . . . . . . . .







Prepared by:  Mary Jane Walker, Secretary


Reviewed by:          Gary Johncox

                                Don Miller

                                Daryl Cunnington    




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