Characters in "Labyrinth"
Jareth (played by David Bowie)

Hmmm. How to describe Jareth? Sexy? Evil? Manipulative? Controlling? Da bomb? Or how about just "All of the above?"

He's the character you love to hate. Or is it hate to love? For most fans (well, at least most
female fans) Jareth is the reason you watch "Labyrinth" to begin with. And, if you're at all like me, you watch the film with remote control in hand-ready to fast forward to all of the good scenes. (Which would be, of course, all of his....)
(I think this is the fourth time this picture appears on my website. I think I've determined that this is my favorite one!)
Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly)

Sarah is the heroine of the story, the one trying to solve the Labyrinth in the first place. She lives in a fantasy world full of goblins and magic and the Goblin King. When she first enters the mystical world of the Labyrinth, she sees it as a game. But she quickly finds out that not everything is as it seems...
Hoggle is a dwarf that is helping Sarah find her way through the Labyrinth. However, he also "serves" under Jareth, which kind of complicates his position. But, like all good guys, his loyalty towards Sarah is proven in the end.
Ludo is a big beast with a big heart. He, too, is someone that Sarah befriends while in the Labyrinth. She sort of even saves his life when they first meet. Ludo comes through for her when his calling of the rocks saves her life later on.
I like to think of Sir Didymus as the long-lost knight of the Round Table who took a wrong turn awhile back! He guards the bridge over the Bog of Eternal Stench and is just waiting for someone like Sarah to come along to allow him to have his great quest.
And, of course, there are other awesome characters like all the goblins, and the door guards and the door knockers, and the wise man and his ever-so-spiffy hat, and then there's Toby (Sarah's little brother. He's the reason she's in the Labyrinth to begin with), and Sir Didymus's dog and...well, I think I've told you too much already! In order to find out who these other awesome characters are, you're gonna have to watch the movie! (But, of course, you were gonna watch the movie anyway, right??)
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