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Thats right! These are all my accounts! 2 Mains, 4 Pures, 4 Bankers, 6 Noobs = 16 accounts!


Ranked 1st



Alyssa Beck


Anton Chua


Alicia Chua












Tauru Satan

KellyCollin5 101

KellyCollin4 100

KellyCollin6 99

Kimranop 40

Moonmist2006 37

Pumas2006 32

This is my RuneScape website, which is dedicated to all RuneScape fans out there. Kindly Bookmark this page as I will be updating it with lots of stuffs and downloads. Feel free to sign my Guestbook.

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Level 333 Kalphite Queen Got Owned By Level 120!  

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Runescape Links And Downloads For You

Making Millions In RuneScape Has Never Been Easier! RuneScape Millionaire Guide.

SwiftSwitch for fast and easy world switching.


Rune HQ Website

Rune Tips Website

Zybez Website

Free RuneScape Millionaire Guide! Use it at your own Risk!

I am selling some of the items in my bank. You can click (My RuneScape Bank Sales) for the prices. God and Trim armours are not for sale as they are personal collections of mine.

My Armourer Bank My Holiday Items

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Old Bank Picture 1 Old Bank Picture 2 Old Bank Picture 3 Old Bank Picture 4
Old Bank Picture 5 Old Bank Picture 6 Old Bank Picture 7 Old Bank Picture 8

Above shown is the bank of Taurusatan, and did almost 2Mil drop party at my house on my last day of member on 25/03/2007. Drops include: Dragon dagger p++, Dragon Battleaxe, Lava BattleStaff, Fire Battlestaff, Zamorak Pages, Sara Pages, Rune Axes, Rune Full Armour, Key Half Loops, Sharks, 200K gp, Duel Rings, Games Necklaces, Super Sets, Weapon Poisons, Hunter Pots, AntiFire Pots, Ranging Pots, Herbs, And More... Overwhelming turnout of 40+ People. Thanks to all who turn up!

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TauruSatan Blogging Page
TauruSatan BraveHost Website

Friend's Photo And Pictures!

Ninja12220 Benni 05 Dranzer Bit
Darrenlau122 Kellycollin (Coming Soon) Kaisayao

My Runescape Ranking is 18,912 as of 26th April 2007

My Level Up Pictures!

75 76 Firemaking Level 77 Woodcutting Level 78 79
80 81 82 Smith Level 83 84
85 86 Range Level 87 88 89
90 91 92 93 94
95 96 97 98 99


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