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This is something i made for the 2004 Minigame compo. That's right, a snake game. Most of the levels are parodied from Qbasic Nibbles (for those who remember it). But there are also original ones. Mind that i was limited to 4K in rom space.

(Source code will be aviable later)


NeSnake 2 Preview Demo

A neat preview to introduce the features in NeSnake 2. This was made about month before the release. At the time I thoght the levels were going to look like in this demo, im glad i improved them as much as i did.


NeSnake 2

I wanted to create a version of NeSnake that exceeded the 4k restrain, with background music and better graphics. This begun somewhere around the fall of 2004. Then i added some new levels, and started coding the 2-player part. I never thought i had to cut out and optimize things to get the ROM under 32K, but thats the result of all my ideas for this game. (32K is the max ROM space aviable without using a "mapper" on the cartridge board).

NeSnake 2 Fixes list

Version 1.1
* Crash Detection and Direction Turn is aliged 1 pixel later, like ideally
* Vs. Draw Game doesnt say "Team Wins!" anymore
* Switch hit flash effect
* Screen no longer jumps at display enable (level start / switch draw)
* Animations doesnt pause when snake is restored / crashes
* Fixed problems if both players are waiting to be replaced in Vs. Mode
* ScoreAdd processes unpaused at "Get Ready" blink
* Improved font based on the old one
Version 1.2 final
* Revisited hit-detection (AI / Crash-detect)
* Score is reset at title screen (not hi-score)
* Fixed replace hit-detect wait procedure
* Fixed bugs when removing snake in replace state
* Improved random generator - produced static values in rare cases
* Fixed 2-Player BGM arrangement data
* No "hacky" effect when player is replaced in 2P mode
* Fixed status-bar palette bug from version 1.1

Instructions are aviable in the game.

Download NTSC version 1.2 (7th September 2005)

Download PAL version 1.2 (7th September 2005)

Download NTSC version 1.0 (20th July 2005)

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