The older, profile related material is being moved off of this site. I felt that it had become a little stale, and needed to be replaced. So I've decided to redo this entire place as a post-calculus Mathematics site. I might also include some more basic material, but really, Apostol is an excellent introduction to the subject and available in many libraries, so I'm not sure that a need for an introductory Calculus page exists. But, perhaps I'm wrong.

Very briefly (during the first few minutes of its construction) known as "The Measure of All Things". That name was a pun, a very weak pun, about the basis of Probability and Statistics: Measure Theory. Yes, very lame. The new one is a reference to something that I love in Mathematics, which you'll be seeing a great deal of here - counterexamples, those counterintuitive cases that set limits on what can be proved based on the information our assumptions provide. You'll be seeing Real Analysis, Probability and Statistics on this site. Oh - and a few recipes, as we find out why good Chinese food often becomes so popular in Math departments, when it is available; recommendations of what to eat when preparing for an exam - generally light, high in protein, low in carbohydrates and almost devoid of dairy and sugar.

More to come over the next few days, first in the form of worked problem sets, then a little theory, then practice exams, and then later ... probably much later ... critiques of studies done, essays about the abuse of statistics. Plus a handy table of symbols for you to cut and paste as needed.

This site, at present, is being mirrored in its entirety on 1Hwy, Webring Webspace and / 1FreeHosting. Yes, posting everything in quadruplicate would be excessive, but I won't be doing that in the long run. What you'll see in quadruplicate will be the basic navigational pages, with the worked problem sets being seen mainly on Webring Webspace and, because of their expected bulk. My pages on 1Hwy and / 1FreeHosting will mainly be lecture notes. Mirroring, then, for reasons to be explained elsewhere, but only in duplicate, for the most part.

If you're looking for a ring you entered one of my sites through, this page should help.