Pintail Q500
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You have reached the page of my Pintail Q500. This plane is an evolution of the designs I began racing 16 years ago in the SEMPRA. The design you see below is heavily influenced by Doug Whiteaker's Viper design. Part of this is because the originals were all built with Viper wing cores which I got directly from Doug. I believe Kevin Matney still has this core available today.
I have updated the plans to include the more popular MH18B pylon airfoil from Martin Hepperle.
This airplane is still currently competitive in 424 AMA racing and many other sport series. I believe some modifications of the design would be necessary to fly with either a Jett or Nelson .40. Many of the originals were flown with Piped .40 Rossi's per the Sempra rules of the early nineties.

Due to popular request, I have written a construction article to go along with the plans. You will find it in Word format in the Zip file you receive when you hit the 'Dowload Plans' link above. I'm no professional writer, so if you find anything that is not clear, just email me.
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