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A few of the designs I have created are below.
Endeavor F3P biplane is a Depron Foamy for Indoor Precision Aerobatics.
It is simple to construct and neutral in the air for best performance.
The Pintail is a very successful Q500, Q3, or Q2 racer. This design is based off of the Viper foam core (available from Matney's Models) and features a built up fuselage with advanced aerodynamics.
The FlingWing is a great little .020 powered flying wing in delta configuration. It can be built in a few nights, and uses very little materials, and micro radio gear. At 7 ounces, it is a real rocket.
The Veloce (Italian for Fast or Rapid!) is complete and it is incredible! I have built 1 version of it using using a Cox .020 for power and it is wonderful. Smooth, fast, and suprisingly stable, the airplane is a joy to fly. I will build a SP400 version as soon as I have all the necessary gear.
Pintail 100 IS FINISHED. Spectacular!!! I am more than pleased with this plane. Handling is smooth, and the only events in the flights are the smooth maneuvers this little plane will accomplish. I varied from the plan included below somewhat by making the plane a high wing and a v-tail. This is a perfect soccer field pylon racer. This is another .020 Cox plane. I will post pictures shortly.
***The plans are free for your use. My only request is that you send me a picture of your completed plane if you use my plan, and give appropriate credit where due. Enjoy
To Download plans of the Pintail Q500
To download plans for the Veloce Speed 400 Racer
To download plans for the Endeavor F3P Biplane To download plans for the Pintail100 1/4A
To download plans for the .020FlingWing
To view these plans, you will need a program such as Autocad, or another Computer aided drafting software which will view .DXF files. That is the format in which I saved the plans above. I suggest using TurboCad 2D which is free at the link below. Each plan is saved so that it can be printed on multiple sheets of standard printer paper, then pasted together to make a full plan.
If you plan on designing your own planes, TurboCad will serve you well. You will still need an airfoil generator. I have had great success with TracFoil. This program is inexpensive, and has great features. The link to TracFoil is also below.
Disclaimer- Building and flying model airplanes is a skill and a responsibility. By downloading plans from this site, you are releasing the webmaster from any responsibility related to events involving models built from the plans available on this site.
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