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"A Bridge Too Far"

"A" Story: An old high school rival who's landed on Park Avenue sparks jealousy in Carrie and fear in Doug, who suspects he's married to a closet snob.

"B" Story: Arthur's ploy to use Holly as bait to attract a younger woman backfires when he discovers that she has fallen hard for him.

"King Arthur"

"A" Story: When an apparent heart attack is anything but serious Arthur neglects to tell a solicitous Doug and Carrie the truth and decides instead to milk the situation for all it's worth.

"B" Story: A planned romantic getaway/golf junket and a $400.00 nonrefundable hotel deposit complicate matters for Doug and Carrie.

"A Man and His Castle"

"A" Story: When Doug receives bad tax advice and the IRS threatens to seize the house Carrie develops a painful new budget to save it - threatening their sanity, marriage and a big PGA party Doug had planned.

"B" Story: Arthur struggles with his dignity and temper in a series of menial jobs meant to bring in much needed additional money.

"Doug's Trifecta"

"A" Story: Doug discovers that hot sex with Carrie before his bowling matches turns him into a strike machine, playing right into his latent desire to be a professional athlete.

"B" Story: Arthur discovers that he can easily replace four lost dogs entrusted to him by Holly with similar ones from the pound - until the four lost dogs show up again.


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