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Hi, I'm Hyung.

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The web site (4 level-1 web pages & few level-2 web pages)

is created for the purpose of sharing mutual interests and spreading useful information:

Favorites  Food, Music, Songs, Reading, Composition, Useful Links ... ;

Life Style  Health-related Issues, Herbs, Nutrition, Wellness, Makan, Useful Links,  ... ;

Marathon  Long-lasting Events, Marathon, Fitness, Exercise, Humors, Jokes, Useful Links,  ... ;

Wonderland  Philosophical Enquiry, Mental Exercise, Quotes, IT,  Japanese Language,  Useful Links, ...

Versatility_2 (Level 2 web page): Mental Exercise



Name: Hyung / Koyu Lim

Residential Address: Southern Part of Main Island, Singapore

Education:  Quality Management, Economics & Management Studies @ Degree Level;

A+ (Certified ComTIA Qualification);

Human Resource Development &  Chemical Process Technology @ Diploma Level;

My Poly   My Univ

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Areas Of Interest: Music Appreciation (Pop, New Age, Classical, Smooth Jazz ...),

Swimming, Reading, PC & Network Troubleshooting & Maintenance, Programming Language,

Scripting Language, Internet Surfing,

Jogging, Cycling, Chess, Chinese Chess, Makan  ...

Experience: Quality Management;  IT;  Training; Diagnosis & Lamination of Food Packaging; Coating Analysis ...

Health Statistics: Weight - 67 kg, Height - 1.68 m ...

Blood Donation: 3 times Singapore Blood Transfusion Service

Photo:  Please Refer To Year 1996  (Web Page: Marathon)


It refers to "Operation Market Garden"

initiated by the Allies during World War II that led to eventually "The Battle of Arhem".

Arnhem, Battle of, engagement during World War II

between the 10,000-strong British 1st Airborne Division

and German forces at Arnhem, Holland, on September 17-25, 1944.

At stake in this episode was control of three strategic bridges, the keys to the Lower Rhine region.

A United States airborne division was to seize the bridges at Nijmegen and Grave,

while the British secured the furthest one at Arnhem.

The British Guards Armored Division

would then smash through the German lines and link the captured bridges

with the main body of the Allies.

In the event, the northern end of the Arnhem bridge was taken, 

but the Germans held the town and bad weather

prevented supplies and reinforcements from reaching their isolated opponents.

The Guards, having reached Nijmegen and Grave, failed to break through to Arnhem,

where their compatriots faced overwhelming odds.

After eight days' desperate fighting, only 2,500 paratroopers survived to retreat across the Rhine.

Other Information About World War II: Timeline of World War II



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