Website Idea - Marie Sewell

Summary - This is my professional resume for employers looking for a software developer

Content - The website will showcase my projects, background, and contact information

Competition - Competition-wise, my website would be compared to other software developer resumes using this medium. As I've examined many related websites, I've been able to compares and find aspects I like and dislike. I like a simplistic, modern format that is not crowded with information. I like an aesthetic homepage with a few pages for projects, contact, and background information. I dislike distracting colors and patters. I didn't like seeing single page wedbsites that scroll to different pages that have different formatting.

Purpose - As a software developer, it's important for employers around the world to have access to your information during the hiring process. It should not be an extensive process of supplying the information to an overwhelming amount of information to digest from different places. This way, I have one place that supplies all of the my important information that will take me to the nect level of the hiring process.

Desired Results - Users of this site will understand my skills, experience, education, and background.

Target Audience - Visitors of my site will be companies looking to hire a software developer for both short and long term positions