Pictures of road signs by Marcel Monterie: Germany

Last updated 26-9-05
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Oberhausen1990A2/A3: former multiplex eliminated by renumbering the western section to A40
Deggendorf1988A3: Kreuz Deggendorf
near Bad Nauheim1990A5: exit to B275 with number in Hessen style (large frame)
Kirchheim1990A7: Kirchheimer DR
Essen2005A40: Used to be A430, '3' was covered by a blue rectangle
Velbert2005A44 under construction: view towards Essen near Rottberger Straße
Velbert2005A44 under construction: bridge Rottberger Straße, view towards Velbert
Velbert2005A44: view from Rottberger Straße towards Velbert
Essen-Kupferdreh2005A44: continues here as expressway B227
Essen-Kupferdreh2005A44 under construction: near Dilldorfer Straße
Essen-Kupferdreh2005A44 under construction: view from bridge, towards Velbert
Essen-Kupferdreh2005A44 under construction: view from Dilldorfer Straße towards Velbert
near Weissenfels2004A38: empty E number
Ratingen1990A52: old indication of exit and interchange with very wide letters
Ratingen1990A52: sign with many numbers
Düsseldorf1990A52: blue sign with B number (end of motorway nearby)
Düsseldorf1990A52: next sign with B number
Köln1988A57: Temporary exit numbers during the trial period
near Schonungen1990A70: yellow sign on single carriageway
near Schonungen1990A70: yellow sign on single carriageway
near Singen1990A81: Empty circle for future exit number
near Singen1990A81: new indication to Switzerland (CH)
near Singen1990A81: another indication to Switzerland (CH)
near Stuttgart~1988A81: exit to B10 with number 10 on top of a vertical line
Deggendorf1988A92: KR Deggendorf without parallel carriageway
near Rheinfelden2005A98: only the westbound carriageway was built When the A861 is completed, this carriageway will be used for both directions.
near Lörrach2005A98: Dultenaugrabenbrücke Still one-way
near Hohenbrunn1988A99: 600 km to Berlin
near Rheinfelden2004A861: construction of Rhine bridge View from Switzerland
near Rheinfelden2005A861: only the northbound carriageway is open to traffic In 2006, the other carriageway will be opened.
Saarbrücken1988A620: French style signs in Saarbrücken
Federal highways
Düsseldorf~1986B1: on separate sign Must be very old. B numbers are normally not indicated anymore in Düsseldorf.
Bayreuth1990B2: indirect references indicated by broken lines Also notable: B2/85 in a combined shield
Bayreuth1990B2, B22 and B85 combined on one sign
Passau~1988B8, B12, B85 and B388 painted on the road
Deggendorf~1990B11: indication 'Fernverkehr' (long distance traffic)
Deggendorf~1990B11: indication of E53 This sign contains all road number classes A, E and B
Hof1990B15: white sign without local information, should be yellow
Stuttgart1990B27: also indication of B27a
Singen1990B33: Indirect reference to B314 in plain text with 'B'
Singen1990B34: Signs with built-in traffic lights
Mannheim~1985B38: word 'Autobahn' instead of symbol. Also notable: E4/12 in a combined shield
Saarbrücken1990B41: old sign indicating B406 which was replaced by A620 many years earlier. Also notable: (old) E number indicated
Saarbrücken1990B51: on white sign
near Hof1990B173: junction with A9
Essen1990B224: Kreuz Essen-Nord: indication to motorway with empty number field
Essen1990B224: Kreuz Essen-Nord: on parallel carriageway, A42 still not indicated
Bad Berneck1990B303: E48 indicated
Saarbrücken1990B406: old sign indicating this number which was replaced by A620 many years earlier. Also notable: Motorway to Mannheim indicated without number, Straßburg in German
Local roads
Bad Camberg~1988L3030: only known indication of an L number on a sign in Hessen Replaced by new sign
near Steinau1988L3179: triangular km post (km indication on other side)
near Steinau1988L3179: alternative model
near Bad Bentheim1995K26: confirmatory sign
near Bad Bentheim1995K26: hm post
Berlin1986B1, B2 and B5 in pre World War 2 style This is not a real sign: these roads were never near this point.
Berkach2004Sign from 1912
near Hermsdorf1990E40: Hermsdorfer Kreuz on parallel carriageway Transit to West Germany indicated in yellow
near Rudolphstein1990E49: Speed limits in the DDR
near Schleiz1990E49: exit Schleiz E numbers were always indicated
near Schleiz1990E49: at exit E numbers were always indicated
near Triptis1990E49: exit Triptis F numbers were usually indicated
near Triptis1990E49: distances also with E numbers
near Hermsdorf1990E49: Hermsdorfer Kreuz
near Hermsdorf1990E49: Hermsdorfer Kreuz on parallel carriageway Parallel carriageway is temporarily closed for construction, therefore some extra signs are attached
near Eisenberg1990Sign indicating E49 and E51 on B7
near Schleiz1990E49: junction with F2 Yellow background faded
Jena1990F7: old sign
near Schleiz1990F2: Lane indication with F number

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